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5 Ways To Pamper Your Partner

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Whether you’ve been together for five months or five years, you need to constantly work on your relationship with your partner to keep it strong. Truth be told, grand gestures of love are not always necessary. Sometimes, small, everyday actions can make a big difference.

Looking for new ways to pamper your partner? Here are some ideas.

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Prepare A Nice Breakfast

Do you always spend your mornings rushing off to work? Surprise your partner with a hearty breakfast, including a nice hot cup of brewed coffee. Prepare something you don’t normally cook to make things more interesting. It is best to do this on a weekend so that you have the luxury to eat at a leisurely pace.

Give Them A Nice Massage

A gentle massage just before bedtime is one of the best ways to relax. It has a pampering effect on the mind and numerous physical benefits as well. Give your partner a nice rub on the back, face, scalp, and feet. Keep your strokes slow, gentle, and firm. Use a nice massage oil that will also help your partner relax more.

Surprise Them With A Gift

Gifts don’t always have to be grand and expensive. A gift for your partner can be as simple as their favorite bar of chocolate or their favorite bottle of beer. If you are crafty, you can even make a DIY gift that your partner will appreciate. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Give Them Sincere Compliments

When you’ve been together for a long time, it is easy to take each other for granted. When was the last time you gave your partner a sincere compliment and actually meant it? Let your partner know that you are paying attention to their efforts. When you notice something nice about them, let your partner know that you appreciate whatever they are doing. A sincere compliment will surely brighten up their day.

Romance Bath Soak

Try These Romantic Bath Ideas For Couples

If you know that your partner had a terrible day at work, run a warm bath and prepare for a relaxing experience that the both of you can share. Set the mood in your bathroom with romantic music, candles, and perhaps a bottle of wine. Leave all the distractions behind and focus on each other. 

Do you want your bath to be extra special? Try using Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom salt products to make bath time even more relaxing. We have numerous blends you will surely love.

When bathing with your partner, try Better Bath Better Body’s Romance Bath Soak. This blend is enhanced with ylang-ylang essential oil, which can promote desire and passion. Like all Better Bath Better Body products, this is made from all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about using harmful substances on your body.

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