Baths Are A Comfortable And Effective Way To Relieve Cramping Pain

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baths are a comfortable and effective way to relieve cramping

When cramping pain due to injury, a big workout, or menstrual reasons pops up, many reach for their most trusted over the counter pain reliever first. This easy method is one that can alleviate the pain in a simple way, but it may not be actually doing a whole lot for the wellness of your body. In a piece written for The Health Site, which can be found here: , Dr. Nupur Gupta, a consultant gynecologist and obstetrician, states that for menstrual cramps specifically, pain relievers should be viewed as something of a last resort, rather than what you reach for first.

The article then goes on to outline various things that a person can do to alleviate their cramps in a variety of ways, with one big one being spending some time in a hot shower or bath. With a bath, lying down in the warm water helps to release tension and pressure from all of the various muscle systems of the body, thereby allowing your cramps to be taken care of naturally and without the need for outside medications. Because you’re not forced to stand, shift your weight, or focus on balance, you can fully relax and allow your muscles to be cared for by the warm weightlessness of your tub.

Bathing to relieve cramps is certainly not a new idea, and taking your relief bath can do more than simply make your cramps feel better. Particularly during menstruation, and with menstruation cramps, the cramps are rarely the lone symptom, and the headache, fatigue, anxiety, and other symptoms associated with cramping can be cared for by taking a hot bath as well. With a bath, you’re able to fully relax and allow your body to rejuvenate itself, which can help greatly with alleviating all of your symptoms at once.

Cramps and tight muscles for any reason can be a real pain, but as Dr. Gupta points out, reaching for a painkiller isn’t always what you need to do. With a hot bath, you can take a natural and effective approach to controlling your cramp pain, as you also benefit your full body in a variety of ways. Should you choose to use essential oils, bath salts, or other accessories, your experience can be made even better, and you may find that your pain is relieved in an even quicker fashion than if you would’ve reached for your tried and true OTC pain pill!

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