The Best Bath For Aches And Pains

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The Best Bath For Aches And Pains

Taking a nice hot bath is the original form of hydrotherapy. Though you may already enjoy your bathing time, you may not be tapping into its full potential. Baths can be a wonderful and natural way to relieve the aches and pains. However, knowing how to perfect this therapeutic quality may not be so simple. That is why we have come up with some helpful tips and advice on how to make the perfect bath to soothe your aches and pains.

Make It Hot, But Not Crazy Hot

You want your bath to be warm and cozy, not boiling hot. Getting into a bath tub that is too hot can be too overwhelming for the body. This is especially important if your taking a bath right before bed. Warm to slightly hot will make you sleepy, but boiling hot will wake you right up and make it nearly impossible for you to get to sleep.

Add Some Bath Salts

Certain kinds of bath salts have natural healing properties that can really boost the therapeutic qualities of your bath. Epsom salt is especially great for easing the aches of sore muscles and reducing inflammation in your joints. Simply take a small handful of bath salt and mix it into the bath water. Then you can hop in the bath tub and soak up the benefits.

Keep A Cool Head

One of the problems with a hot bath is that it can leave you feeling overheated and can sometimes get headaches from it. So while you are enjoying your hot bath, keep a nice cool wash cloth over your forehead or neck. This allows your head to stay nice and cool while the rest of you can enjoy the heat. Keeping your feet or hands cool can also help you get rid of access heat.

Try Some Self-Massage

The bath is a good place to do a little self-massage. Water helps to loosen up your muscles and makes it easier to release muscle knots. This can be done by hand in for some places, but other body parts may be harder to reach without help. Using the “tennis ball massage” or other massage tools can assist you with back pains.

Make Sure To Keep Yourself Hydrated

You should always keep a cool drink nearby. Ice water is preferred, but other drinks can work just as easily. A hot bath tends to make you sweat and lose fluids despite being surrounded by water. By taking a sip of water every so often, you can easily replace any lost fluids. This can also help you against becoming overheated.

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