Plain Versus Antibacterial Soap

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Plain Versus Antibacterial Soap

When it comes to soap, you want to make sure you are getting the best of the best. For many of us, that can mean choosing antibacterial soap over plain in order to protect yourself from germs and bacteria. But is antibacterial soap really the better soap? In Madlen Davies article, Why Washing Your Hands With Antibacterial Soap Is 'No More Effective At Killing Germs Than Plain Soap', it is stated that antibacterial soap may not be all it is cracked up to be.

What Is Antibacterial Soap?

Antibacterial soap is a type of soap that is able to kill germs and bacteria due to active antimicrobial ingredients that have been added in. Though normal soap is able to clean off germs ease, it is the extra antibacterial quality that works to increase your protection. This quality is especially important doing flu and cold season when sickness seems to run wild.

What Does Davies's Article State?

Despite our confidence in antibacterial soap's ability to fight off bacteria and germs, this may not be true. Madlen Davies's article suggests that antibacterial soap is no better at keeping you safe than plain soap is. With millions of consumers in the United States using and depending on antibacterial hand soap and body wash products each year, many find this bacteria fighting quality very important.

Why Is Davies's Article Important?

This article is important because it suggests that antibacterial soap makers use false advertising in order to sell their products. With so many Americans buying antibacterial soap in the hope of keeping themselves well, it is really terrible to find out that you may have been lied to by advertising.

Though it is sad to know that antibacterial soap isn't what we thought it was, it is still crucial to note that even washing your hands with plain soap is still a great defense against germs and bacteria. In fact, Davies's article even provides a video on how to wash your hands properly which has been proved to be much more effective. Thanks to this helpful addition to the article, you can learn how to better protect yourself from germs and bacteria with the need for “bacteria fighting” soap.

Where Can You Find This Article?

You can find Madlen Davies's article and other health related articles at DailyMail. DailyMail is an award winning online news source with in-depth analysis and commentary.

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