Warm Baths Versus Cold Baths

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Hot Baths Versus Cold Baths

Bathing allows you to feel relaxed and refreshed after a long day. Before taking a bath, you have two choices: Do you take a warm bath or a cold one? You have probably heard your friends and family swear by one or the other, but it's hard to figure out if you can expect their experience to be similar to yours.

Which One Is Better For You? 

In general, taking a bath provides you with a lot of benefits beyond getting clean. However, when it comes to the temperature of the water, your choice should depend on what your current needs are. Both warm and cold baths can do you some good, but not in the same ways.

The Benefits Of A Warm Bath

  • Warm baths are wonderful for cleansing your entire body. The heat helps you get rid of any germs and dirt that might have been on your skin.
  • If you are having trouble sleeping, a warm bath will soothe your senses, thus preparing you for a good night's slumber.
  • Stressed out? It has been shown that warm baths are great for relieving stress and fatigue. It has also been proven to help relax the muscles.

The Benefits Of A Cold Bath

  • Cold water will wake you up in the morning. It stimulates you and lets you shed the feeling of sleepiness. 
  • Have you been feeling a bit down lately? Cold baths have been shown to help your body fight the effects of emotional imbalance and make you feel more energized.  
  • Cold baths may support your immune system.
  • Libido-related problems may also improve if you take cold baths and showers.

How Do You Get The Most Of Your Essential Oil Bath?

Once you have found the type of bath that is right for you, don't rush it. Doing so will cause you to miss the benefits, and you won't get the relaxation you were looking for, either. Take your time to soak and get what your body needs.

However, to maximize a warm or cold bath, you should add something to the experience. Bath salts, essential oils, and even scented candles will allow you to reap extra benefits. Here at Better Bath Better Body, we offer Epsom salt blends such as the Detox Bath Soak and Christmas Bath Soak. Drop by our online store to discover all the options available to you.

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