Hot Baths Versus Cold Baths

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Hot Baths Versus Cold Baths

Bathing is great for allowing you to feel relaxed and refreshed after a long day. When taking a bath, you have two choices when you have your hands on the knobs. Do you take a hot bath or cold one? You have probably heard your friends and family swear by one or the other, but you can't remember why or know if you can trust their experience for your own. 


So which one is better for you to take? 


In general, just taking a bath itself provides you with a lot of benefits outside of just getting clean. But when it comes to the temperature of the water, it actually just depends on what you unique needs are. Both hot and cold bath have great benefits, but the benefits they provide are not the same. To know which one is truly better for you is dependent on which benefits you need to get out of it. 



The Benefits Of A Hot Bath



1) Hot water baths are wonderful for cleansing your body of bacteria and dirt. The heat itself easily destroys any germs that might have been on you.


2) Trouble sleeping? Hot baths help improve sleep and are great for aiding those with sleep disorders such as insomnia.


3) Have a bad cough or need to relieve a cold? When your extremely congested, steam is good for clearing your airways so you can breath easy again.


4) Stressed out? It has been shown that hot water baths are great at relieving stress and fatigue. It has also been proven to help relax sore muscles and improve their flexibility.


5) Hot water baths are important for diabetics due to their ability to reduce sugar levels in the body. In a study, diabetics that immersed themselves in hot water tubs for 20 to 30 minutes over 3 weeks had sugar levels reduced by 13%.



The Benefits Of A Cold Bath



1) Cold water is what helps you wake up in the morning. It stimulates your nerve endings and easily shed the feeling of sleepiness.


2) Trouble with depression? Cold baths have shown to help your body release chemicals like adrenaline and endorphins that fight the effects of depression and help you feel energized. 


3) Cold water baths improve the strength of your immune system and boost the production of infection fighting cells! 


4) Your lung function improves greatly with cold water baths and showers. This is mostly due to cold water encouraging you to hold your breath with each dose of water. To get the most out of this, you should make sure to release your breath slowly after each holding.


5) Trouble with your libido? Cold baths and showers help stimulate the release of testosterone and improve reproductive health in men.


So how do you get the most out of your bath?


Once you have found the type of bath that suits your needs, don't rush it! Rushing a bath doesn't allow you to enjoy any of the benefits and you won't get the relaxation you were looking for either. Take your time to soak and get what your body needs. However, to really benefit you should add something extra to your experience. Bath salts, essential oils, and even lighting some candles allow you to reap extra benefits from your bathing experience.

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