Christmas Bath Salt With Epsom Salt Now Available

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better bath better body epsom salts

The holiday season is one full of love, celebration, and plenty of hustle and bustle. Gift shopping is part of the season’s routine, of course. We recommend Better Bath Better Body Christmas Bath Soak! This special limited edition epsom salt bath soak blend will help you spread holiday cheer among family and friends.

Christmas Bath Salt Ingredients 

better bath better body epsom salts

The limited-edition Christmas Bath Soak is made from the finest ingredients. With nothing artificial, you or your gift recipient are indulging in the authentic scents of the holidays. The bath soak blend starts out with premium USP grade epsom salt to bring to the bather only the most luxurious experience. This provides the best soothing benefit of a soak.

Vitamin C crystals are sprinkled into the pure USP grade epsom salt. Vitamin C crystals are known to neutralize the trace amounts of chlorine found in tap water, so you’re able to enjoy a better bathwater experience. The trace amounts of chlorine found in standard tap water, while not known to be particularly harmful, may dry out or irritate during bathing if not neutralized. Vitamin C crystals work to provide a little extra comfort to a bath. 

Vitamin C and pure epsom salt are just the base of the soak, and it’s the essential oils that really give you the Christmas experience. The natural bath soak uses 100% pure essential oils of pine, cinnamon, and peppermint to give you that cool, rustic, and inviting experience so many long for during the holiday season. When used in a hot bath, these essential oils give off an aroma that rises up with your steam, completely wrapping you up in seasonal warmth and joy. 

Aromatherapy with 100% pure essential oils can help the bather to release some of the stress, tension, and busyness they might be feeling around the holiday season. Peppermint is known to have an invigorating effect, cinnamon soothing, and pine a fresh and energizing aroma that helps to reset the mind, body, and soul. Together, these aromas work to release tension, soothe the mind, and energize the body to enjoy this magical time of year to the fullest. 

Where To Buy Bath Salts 

better bath better body epsom salts

An epsom salt bath with essential oils is just the gift you can confidently use for every name on your list. Buying bath salts online lets you do your shopping from the comfort of your sofa, and Christmas Bath Soak is shipped in a secure zip-lock BPA free pouch to ensure your salts are secure and free from moisture throughout transit. While the Christmas Bath Soak can be appreciated by anyone, some particular giftees who might benefit most from the epsom salt bath with essential oils are: 

  • The guys in your life – Most of the guys in your life could probably use a little TLC, and they’re not always likely to go after it themselves. The Christmas Bath Soak uses scents of pine, peppermint, and cinnamon to create a truly gender-free aromatherapy experience they can truly enjoy. After a long day at work, taking down the Christmas Tree, or partaking in their favorite hobby, they’ll love being able to warm up and energize in a soothing and relaxing bath. 
  • Moms – Few people are more in need of a little relaxation during the holiday season than moms. Afterall, they’re getting the names ticked off those lists, they’re planning Christmas dinner menus, they’re working, they’re taking the little ones to have Santa pictures taken, and in between all of those things they’re trying to find just a few precious moments to themselves. Christmas Bath Soak gives them a reason to have a little “me” time while fully enjoying the warmth and the beautiful scents of the holidays. When they get out of their tub, they’ll be ready to make this Christmas season the best one yet. 
better bath better body epsom salts
  • The person who has everything – Most people have that one person on their list who seems to have everything. They’re always on the up and up with the latest gadgets, they know all the freshest fashions, and it makes holiday shopping a real challenge. One can never have too many different natural bath soaks, and even the person who has everything can appreciate soaking themselves in pure Christmas cheer whenever they like. The bath soak can be given alone or alongside other self-care products like lotion, soap, a good book, and favorite snacks. 
  • Athletes – If you have that family member or friend who just can’t stay out of the gym or they love blowing off steam with a good run, they’ll really appreciate the Christmas Bath Soak this holiday season. Peppermint soothes, cinnamon warms, and pine invigorates, giving them everything they need to comfort themselves after a really great workout session. Each time they take a dip in their perfectly holiday scented tub they’ll think of you as they lay back, relax, and soak away the events of the day. 

The Christmas Bath Soak is only available for a limited time, and it’s that one item that will be a perfect fit for every person on your list. With the highest-grade bath epsom salts, Vitamin C crystals, and 100% natural essential oils, it’s a guilt-free way for anyone to reserve a little “me” time during this holiday season. 

Good news! The Christmas Bath Soak comes FREE with ANY order all month of December! Order it here now and enjoy huge savings


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