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Create A Self Care Routine For The New Mom In Your Life

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New moms usually look into their own self-care habits to determine the ones that give them real benefits. Here is how you can create your own self-care routine as a new mom or as someone very close to a new mom.

Self-care is essential to maintaining physical and mental health. A self-care routine is a routine that makes sure a new mom’s physical, emotional, and social needs are met. This helps maintain well-being and avoid sickness or burnout.

A self-care routine is important for everyone, but most especially for new moms who may forget to take care of their needs as they take care of their newborn. Self-care does not need to be fancy or complicated. It should be something simple and doable. This is the primary requirement when creating a self-care routine for new moms.

Tips For Creating A Self-Care Routine For New Moms

Establishing a new habit, especially while taking care of a new infant, is challenging. Consider these tips before establishing a self-care routine:

Focus on the basics and make the routine simple and doable for a busy new mom.

Don’t include things or activities that the new mom is not interested in just because it is trendy.

Allow some wiggle room in the self-care routine.

 Make reminders or lists of self-care activities for the new mom.

If possible, help them with the baby as much as possible so they can have time for themselves.

Self-Care Routine For New Moms

Here are the basic needs every mom needs, what they can do to fulfill these needs, and possible ways to incorporate it into a busy mom’s day.

Personal Hygiene

Sometimes new moms even forget to shower or change their clothes as their day starts with so many things that need to be done for the baby. To avoid this, start by establishing a morning routine that lets you take care of your personal hygiene after you have taken care of the baby. For example, after you have changed the baby’s clothes and diaper, don’t feed them right away. Take them to the bathroom so you can clean yourself.


New moms need to move to keep their body healthy. New moms can squeeze in some movement at least 15 minutes a day. New moms can take advantage of nap time to get some movement going—do a quick workout, yoga, or even turn these chores into a workout. Taking the baby out for a walk (even if they’re sleeping in the stroller) is another great way to squeeze movement in.

Healthy Meals

Staying hydrated and eating nutritious food are often overlooked by new moms. But these things are crucial especially for those who are breastfeeding. If you want the new mom in your life to eat healthy meals, try to take responsibility for the cooking. Be as efficient as possible—get your groceries delivered and employ meal prepping techniques. Prepare meals that they can heat up and eat quickly. You can prepare healthy snacks, too. If you also don’t have the time, invest in a crockpot that lets you cook multiple meals at once.

Quiet Time

It’s not a crime to want to take a few minutes away from the baby. Babies can be noisy, and lots of moms often simply crave silence and time alone. It’s important to establish a time when someone else takes care of the baby so new moms can do whatever they want. If that’s not possible, moms can take advantage of one of their nap times or after you’ve put them to sleep.

Encourage the new mom to do something they enjoy or something relaxing. Let them unplug from their phone. A great activity for quiet time is a relaxing bath where they can play music, meditate, read, or simply do nothing. Encourage the new mom in your life to take relaxing baths with Better Bath Better Body’s Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak. The postpartum bath soak helps relieve stress and soothe aching muscles and joints.

New moms may also schedule their relaxing bath closer to their bedtime to help them sleep better. Allowing the body to relax just before bedtime helps people fall asleep faster and achieve more restful sleep.

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A new mom’s life is full of contradictions. She needs sleep to recover from childbirth and stay healthy but sleep tends to be hard to come by when there is a baby. Try to incorporate these habits into the household’s routine:

Encourage the new mom to sleep early. If the baby is not yet asleep, volunteer to take care of it for the night.

If the mom has to wake up a lot at night because of the baby, short naps throughout the day may help replenish their energy.

Allow the new mom to establish a night routine to get her ready for bed. As previously mentioned, a relaxing bath with postpartum bath soak or AncienSea Sitz Bath Soak will help them prepare for bed. However, avoiding caffeinated beverages and avoiding the phone before bedtime would help them fall asleep faster.

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Everyone needs to socialize, even the introverts. New moms, however, may not get as much socialization as they need due to their responsibilities and general exhaustion. However, instead of taking another nap, they may try to chat or video call with an old friend. Inviting someone over to the house is another way to socialize without going out.

Self-care is an important aspect of health, especially for new moms. Better Bath Better Body is here to help new moms establish a self-care routine that lets them relax and feel rejuvenated after.

better bath better body epsom salts

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