Easy Hacks To Prepare Your Home For Visitors

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You probably love inviting friends and family over to your home, but you’re likely stressing over the preparations you need to do to ensure that you’re ready for their visit.

Are there enough beds? What are their dietary preferences? How about their sleeping habits?

Part of being a gracious host is anticipating the needs of your guests and helping them have a convenient and comfortable stay. While no one probably expects you to provide a 5-star accommodation, it’s a good idea to go out of your way and do small things that will make your guests feel more special. You don’t need to spend a lot; the small things can make a huge difference.

If you don’t want to be embarrassed by unexpected surprises when your loved ones stay at your place, you need to set aside time to plan for their visit. This will help minimize awkward moments and ensure that everyone will have an awesome time.

Ready to prepare your home? Here are some things that you can do.

Clean Up

There is absolutely no shortcut to this. You need to set aside time to tidy up and organize everything. Make sure that your guests don’t see anything embarrassing around your home. And don’t scare them away with bugs or spiders. If they are staying in your home for a long time, make sure that they have space for their personal belongings. 

Clean the bathroom too. You can remove your toiletries from the counter so that your guests have space for their own. Provide them with their own hamper or laundry bag for washing.

Spend A Night In The Guest Room

Even if your guest room already looks super clean, you need to actually spend time in there to know what it will be like for your guests. Is the temperature too cold? Are the linens okay? Pretend that you’re the visitor in your home and see what it feels like. What do you think can be done to improve the surroundings?

Leave A Little Welcome Basket

Surprise your guest with a small welcome basket in their room. Add items that they might need during their stay, such as a scarf if it's winter time or a pair of sunglasses in hot months. This will make them feel more comfortable around your home. 

Also, let them know your Wi-Fi password and where you hide your spare keys. You might also give them a card with your complete address and emergency phone numbers.

Don’t forget to add snacks and drinks, especially if they have traveled for hours. They might be embarrassed to go down and check out your kitchen on their first night, so make sure they have something to eat and drink in case they get hungry.

Provide Plenty Of Information About The Area

Is it the first time for your guests to visit your area? Are they looking to explore tourist attractions? If they are, make the planning easier for them. Gather information about places they can visit. Before they come, ask them if you should purchase any tickets to shows or theme parks. 

Aside from the tourist attractions, let them know about the locations of places they might need to visit during their stay, such as the gym, the salon, and the park if they have kids. Don’t forget to include a list of your favorite bars and restaurants.

Place Special Items In The Bathroom

Epsom Bath Salt Wellness BlogMake sure that you have a good stock of bathroom essentials such as shampoo, soap, and toilet paper. Keep in mind that different guests have different needs. For female guests, you might want to put tampons and other feminine products. For men, leave a bottle of shaving cream on the counter. For kids, you might want to add a potty trainer.

Get The Best Bath Salts For Them

Surprise your guests by adding items that feel a bit more luxurious than usual. If you have a bathtub, consider leaving out some Epsom salt such as our Chakras Bath Soak that can help your guests have a refreshing muscle soak. Epsom salt is known for its numerous health and beauty benefits.

Our special Epsom salt blends are enhanced with 100% pure essential oils that can help you enjoy aromatherapy benefits as well. We have a wide variety of blends to choose from. Which one do you think your house guests will love using?

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