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better bath better body epsom saltsIn these trying times it is important to take time to yourself and exercise self-love. Solitude is a sacred time for recharging and relieving yourself of stress, but it can be difficult to know how to start. A simple pampering technique you could try is a warm footbath or soak. This article talks about the benefits of footbaths, and will give you some tips on how to incorporate them into your relaxation time.

Footbaths Are Easy To Do

Foot soaks can be a joy, because they’re fairly quick and easy to prepare. All you need is a foot tub, some water, and a few ingredients that can be commonly found around the house. Some inexpensive ingredients include baking soda, sea salt, epsom salt, or apple cider vinegar. Be careful not use harsh chemicals like bleach though.

If you want to go a little beyond the basics, you could also try incorporating herbs and essential oils. You can try ingredients that are especially made for foot soaks like the Lilliuma Detoxify Foot Salt. This product is meant to soothe tired feet, helping you de-stress. It’s also made from high-quality natural ingredients that are ethically sourced. So, you can feel good about what foes into your footbath.

They Give You An Excuse To Sit Down

When you’re coming from a busy day, it can be a struggle to pause even when you’re exhausted. You can kick off your relaxation time by going through the motions of preparing a foot soak. Heating up water and making easy decisions on what to put into your footbath can help take your mind off things. Allow the process to slowly transport your mind into a more calm state.

Once you finish readying the footbath, you have to actually sit down and enjoy what you’ve just prepared. Usually, you would need to let your feet soak in the tub for up to 20 minutes. As short as it may seem, that time can actually allow you to concentrate on your feet and on yourself. It’s a good jump off point for practicing meditation or simply reflecting on more positive thoughts.

They’re Good For Blood Circulation

Good circulation is important for maintaining healthy levels of oxygen throughout the body. It allows essential organs such as the heart and lungs, as well as muscles to function well. Improved blood flow also keeps your immune system healthy, helping you fight off potential illnesses. Increasing blood flow naturally can be done through regular exercise. Baths—particularly foot soaks—can also help increase blood flow.

Footbaths also allow you to pay special attention to circulation in your feet. Poor blood circulation in the feet and legs can cause muscle pain and aches. It can also lead to swelling and a feeling of heaviness. You can help avoid these problems from developing by incorporating foot soaks into your routine.

better bath better body epsom salts

Footbaths Are Cleansing

Foot soaks are essentially foot spas that can help soften and beautify tired feet. Apart from their benefits for relaxation, footbaths also have a more practical purpose.

They can help exfoliate your feet of dead skin cells. To enhance this effect, you could make use of Epsom salt as a gentle foot scrub. You can mix a tablespoon of Epsom salt in your hand and mix it with a small amount of water or olive oil. The mixture can be rubbed onto your feet with a bath sponge, or even just your hand.

Feet can also give off an unpleasant odor. Foot odor is quite a common problem that usually stems from sweat build-up in shoes you wear most often. Having regular footbaths with Epsom salts and water, or vinegar and water, can help remedy smelly feet.

They Can Improve Your Mood

Footbaths can be a joy. There’s just something naturally pleasant about dipping your feet into warm and aromatic water. Foot soaks are soothing and can slowly relax your body, starting with your feet.

Taking the time to enjoy a foot soak can lead to deep relaxation. When our bodies and minds are relaxed, we experience a range of health benefits. For example, a relaxed state of mind can help improve cognitive function and creative thinking. Being relaxed also helps improve sleep quality, productivity, and your overall mood. Altogether, footbaths have great potential to positively impact our mental, physical and emotional state.

Combine Them With Other Downtime Activities

To enhance your footbaths, you can also try incorporating other relaxing activities that you could while seated. If you’re going to be seated for 200 minutes or so, might as well maximize the time! Examples of things you could do while soaking your feet are listening to music or a podcast, reading, or watching television while drinking tea.

Integrating other things you love into the habit of taking footbaths can enrich the practice. It may turn out to be one of the times you look forward to the most throughout the week.

All in all, footbaths are a good way to enhance your me-time. This pampering technique can have a lot of benefits to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. So, treat yourself. Take time to browse through some foot salts. Block off parts of your day for a footbath to make sure you get the chance to pause and relax. And foot soaks don’t even need to cost a small fortune! All it takes is investing in a durable foot tub and some quality ingredients.

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