Enjoy Sea Salt Baths To Maximize Recovery

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The muscles of the body put in a lot of work every single day. Whether you spend an hour or two working out or take a weekend day to deep clean the house, your muscles are what keep you going.

When you don’t give your muscles proper time to recover, you may begin to feel some discomfort. Just as our mind needs a break between tasks to function at its best, the body does, too. Recovery is as important as workouts, and using Mediterranean Sea salt while you’re resting can make a big difference in how you feel.

Mediterranean Sea salt baths provide just the type of soothing recovery you’re really looking for during your rest days. Along with a good book, your favorite candles, a relaxing song, or other sources of relaxation, soaking in the bath allows you to bring comfort to your body while you ease tension in your mind. 

The type of bath you take can vary. For many, a warm or hot bath is just what they need for releasing tension. Others may want to take a cool bath during their recovery days. This all boils down to personal preference, and you may enjoy a warm or hot bath one day and then a cool bath the next day. Mediterranean Sea salt can be used for water of any temperature as you will still experience the benefits it offers no matter what.

Muscle Bath Salt

The Lilliuma Muscle Bath Salt is made from natural Mediterranean Sea salt and pure essential oils. This allows for an easy therapeutic ritual you can partake in at home during any recovery day. Simply add a cup of our Muscle Bath Salt to the water, get in the tub, and soak in the comforting experience. The Mediterranean Sea salt can help ease tension and soften the skin while the frankincense, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils envelop the senses and provide a cooling sensation.

During recovery periods, it’s important to remember to take it easy. If you are taking a day off from the gym, using this time to take on a taxing new project at home will do you more harm than good. Rather than replacing one strenuous activity with another, take some time to pamper your body and calm your mind instead.

Recovery days are important, so you should approach them with relief and comfort in mind. Using our Mediterranean Sea salt blend in a warm or cool bath is something you can do at home in a short period. While soaking in the bath, you can use this as an opportunity not just to help your body recover but also to relax your mind and get away from the day’s stresses for a while. Simply lay back and breathe in the rejuvenating scents of peppermint, eucalyptus, and frankincense.

If you're looking for other sea salt bath products, head over to our online shop and place an order today.

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