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epsom salt 50lb bag


What could an epsom salt 50 lb bag be used for? Making your own personal care creations, keeping pests out of the garden, exfoliating the skin, taking a nice soak, taking better care of horses, cleaning the grout, keeping dishes sparkling, better cleaning your laundry, and so much more.

While an epsom salt bag of 50 lbs might sound like a lot, you’ll be amazed by just how fast it gets used up even just having it around the house. 

Epsom Salt For Cleaning 

You have your scrub brushes, your detergents, your spot treatments, and your sponges – what about your epsom salt? From cleaning windows to freshening clothes, an epsom salt 50 lb bag will quickly become one of your go-to home refresh tools. 

epsom salt bath soak

Grout in a bathroom or kitchen is notoriously difficult to clean. More often than not, homeowners are left giving up, dealing with less than shining grout and hoping no one notices. Enter epsom salt. It’s lightly abrasive and safe for all sorts of surfaces, so it makes an excellent and effective grout cleaner in any sort of space. Mixing equal parts of plain USP grade epsom salt with an equal amount of dish soap gives you a safe grout cleaner that lifts away even the most stubborn stains. You’ll kill off mildew and lift off that hard water dullness without overwhelming the room with the scent of bleach. 

Casserole dishes often require so much elbow grease to get clean, they leave dish washers with an aching elbow and the feeling of simply being ready to give up. Epsom salt is here to help. The same abrasive nature that allows epsom salt to effectively clean grout also gives your dish washing a huge boost. Sprinkling a bit of epsom salt into the dish, following with dish soap, and lightly scrubbing the stuck on bits will leave your casserole dishes sparkling in no time at all. You can lower your dish washing time and your elbow aches all at the same time. 

Epsom Salt For The Outdoor Garden

Keeping a garden is something of a Zen experience.  It provides a relaxing way to enjoy the quiet of nature, and you get to watch the fruits of your labor grow, literally, all throughout the season. For gardeners, one of the most frustrating parts of the hobby is when it seems like nature is working against you. USP grade epsom salt can help you to get nature back on your side. 

Popular homegrown produce plants like peppers and tomatoes need magnesium in order to effectively take nitrogen from the soil. Without nitrogen, these plants will struggle to thrive. During the heat of the summer season, magnesium levels in these plants naturally drop, often causing them to droop or stunting produce from growing to its full potential. Epsom salt is pure magnesium sulfate, and adding a bit of epsom salt to your watering can during these months can help to give your produce plants the boost they need to stay healthy throughout the season. When creating an epsom salt solution for produce plants, add about 1 tablespoon of epsom salt per plant into your soil or watering can. 

Garden slugs can really do their damage on ornamental plants like expensive rose bushes. It can be incredibly frustrating to nurture a rose bush for months or years, just to see that garden slugs have chewed through your foliage and stolen the beauty from your blooms. Naturally, slugs and salts don’t mix, and epsom salt can serve as a highly effective deterrent preferred by organic gardeners. An epsom salt and water solution sprayed on and around ornamental plants will deter slugs while not harming the environment or beneficial insects. 

Epsom Salt For The At-Home Spa

epsom salt foot soak

Independent creators of personal care products are jumping into a multi-billion dollar industry. When times get tough, one of the ways many relax, refresh, and renew themselves is with treating themselves to their own spa treatments at home. Creatives know this, so they take their talents and invest them into practical products that customers from any walk of life can enjoy. 

USP grade pure epsom salt with no additives gives creatives a blank slate to work with, so they can express themselves and serve their customers with these products completely from their own creation. The salt may be used in creating colorful and fragrant bath bombs, soothing bath soaks, exfoliating scrubs, shower steamers, and more. With a base of magnesium rich epsom salt, at-home spa treatments are more soothing and relaxing than ever before. 

Epsom Salt For Salon Owners And Professionals 

Going to the salon is a transformative experience. Clients walk in, and they expect to walk out feeling different; more refreshed, renewed, beautiful, and confident. Epsom salt in bulk is a simple and cost-effective way for professionals to make their services even better. 

Hairdressers know that the state of a person’s scalp directly correlates with the state of their hair. Hair that is dull, lifeless, frizzy, or difficult to manage may be pointing to a scalp that needs a little more TLC. Epsom salt added to shampoos or nourishing oils, then rubbed onto the scalp, can work to remove buildup and dead skin cells while bringing life back to the hair. This is a treatment that can be added to a shampoo service, or products can be created to sell to clients in order to achieve the salon experience at home. 

The Perfect Size For Any Use

For more than just an epsom salt bath, epsom salt in bulk has its place in any home and many businesses. With 50 lb bags available, professionals or those looking for personal use have the ideal amount to see just how powerful this ingredient really can be. 

bulk epsom salt

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