Epsom Salt: All-Natural Remedy To Improve Dry Skin

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Epsom Salt: All-Natural Remedy To Improve Dry SkinMost skincare products nowadays are crazy expensive. Unbelievably, a good chunk of the population is willing to spend hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars just to get soft and smooth skin. What if it is possible to get the same results without having to shell out so much cash?

Dry skin is a pretty common problem. It makes anyone look old, tired and unhealthy. Plus, it can be uncomfortably itchy too.  In more extreme cases, dry skin can cause sensitivity to sun exposure. It can also be a sign of a skin disorder or a disease.

Dry skin can be caused by various things. Here are some pretty common ones:

  • Weather - The difficulties of the winter season is one of the most common causes of dry skin. Outdoors, dry air sucks the moisture right off your skin. Indoors, dry heat from the central heating can cause a similar problem too. Be sure to be more mindful of your skincare routine during the winter season.

  • Soap - Do you use too much soap? This is a pretty common cause of dry skin too. It is also possible that you are using the wrong soap. If you can, go for all-natural, fragrance-free kinds that will be less harmful to your skin.

  • Genetics - Unfortunately, it is completely possible that you were born with dry skin too. If you know that dry skin runs in the family, remind yourself to be more meticulous and  diligent about your skincare routine.

  • Medication - Dry skin is a common side effect of certain drugs. If you notice changes in your skin after starting medication, ask your doctor if you can adjust the dosage or prescribe something new.

  • Skin Conditions - Sometimes, dry skin is just a sign that there is a more serious problem happening internally. If this is the case, it is best to get in touch with your doctor before starting any kind of treatment.

  • Can Epsom Salt Help?

    Staying too long in the bath can cause dry skin, but if you add Epsom bath salts to your bath water, your skin will get hydrated and moisturized as you soak your stress away.

    Epsom bath salts can help you find relief from dryness, flakes, crocodile scales, and itchiness. Just twenty minutes in the bath can give you soft and silky skin.

    Using Epsom bath salts can help you relax as well. As an added benefit, our Epsom bath salts has Vitamin C crystals, which helps neutralize your bath water.

    Our Dry Skin Bath Soak is enriched with 100% pure geranium, lemon, and ylang-ylang essential oils. This will help you enjoy aromatherapy benefits as well. These essential oils are known to help soothe excessively dry skin.

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