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better bath better body epsom salts

It is a common misconception that you cannot enjoy bath salts without a full-sized bathtub. On the contrary, having an Epsom salt shower is a thing and if you are yet to try this because there is no tub available, then this is a sign for you to go and experience it now.

Here’s how you can enjoy Epsom salts in the shower.

No Bathub, No Worries

You are not exempt from enjoying the soothing benefits of Epsom salts just because you do not have a bathtub around you. With just a bit of creativity, you could turn our bath soaks into satisfying body scrubs. All you need to do is to create a thick lather or paste by mixing the bath salts with some water in a clean bowl, and make enough to cover your entire body.

You could leave the scrub on for a while as you gently massage different parts of your body using the scrub that you made. Remember to rub your skin very gently so you could enjoy basking in the benefits of bath soaks the same way you would when you use it in a bathtub.

The mild rubbing and massages, added with the soak’s aromatherapy from its pure essential oils, will greatly help in loosening the tension in your muscles and relieving the stress that you are feeling. There is also absolutely no reason to worry because Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom bath soaks are made with natural ingredients and none of the complicated substances that are hard to understand and identify.

Relaxing With Aromatherapy

better bath better body epsom salts

Making a body scrub is a fun and creative way to enjoy the relaxing benefits of bath soaks, but there is another way to indulge in the aroma that comes with its pure essential oils. There are many who use Epsom salts as aromatherapy steam as they shower by sprinkling a good amount on the floor. When the warm water hits these salts, it breaks down and produces a very aromatic smell. This is another fun method you could try so you can make the most out of our Epsom salts.

There are different aromas to choose from and you could select one based on how you are feeling or your lifestyle. Getting them in bundles is highly recommended so you could have all the bases covered.

  1. Aromatherapy Bundle - The soak’s delightful aromas are the highlight of your baths, so if you could not decide what to get, start with the aromatherapy bundle. You could never go wrong with this pack because they are guaranteed to give you the relaxation you deserve, even when lathered into a body scrub. This is also the perfect trio to use if you want to try sprinkling some on your floor to produce aromatherapy steam.

The bundle contains a pack of Slim Soak with pure essential oils of geranium and grapefruit, a pack of Back Soothing Bath Salt with the very calming aroma of lavender and refreshing smell of peppermint, and a pack of turmeric bath salt, which is promisingly invigorating.

  1. Antistress Bundle - After a long day of work and worries, your bathtime should feel extremely rewarding. The antistress bundle has got you covered because it comes with the revitalizing trio of Stress Relief Bath Salt with eucalyptus and spearmint pure essential oils, Detox Bath Salt with ginger and lemon aromatherapy, and the Slim Bath Salt oozing with geranium and grapefruit smells. Give yourself a gentle massage by turning these into antistress shower scrubs.
    better bath better body epsom salts
  1. Athlete Bundle - A relaxing shower is a must after every strenuous activity, and the athlete bundle is the perfect bath soak for that. The best part about using these as shower scrubs is that you can now bring these Epsom salts to your gym, which only has showerheads in their bathing area. The Athlete Bundle is great for cooling down your body because it comes with refreshing aromatherapy. Enjoy the smells of mint and citrus in its Athlete, Detox, and Muscle Soak packs.
  1. Transcendence Bundle - It is time to feel out of this world with this bundle. The transcendence trio is made up of indulgent bath soak packs that could reach within your soul and relax not only your body but also your mind. It has rich, floral, and earthy aromatherapy from its pure essential oils. Recharge and replenish your energy with the Chakra, Deep Relaxation, and Tranquility packs.
  1. Bath Salts Sampler Pack - You are not to blame if you simply just could not decide. Foruntatately, the sampler pack is here to save the day. This bundle contains all the Epsom salts for the different kinds of relaxation you need, be it at the end of a long work shift or after doing strenuous activities. The sampler set comes with the Deep Relaxation, Muscle Soak, Detox, and Stress Relief packs.

A Gentle Reminder

 A friendly reminder: When using bath salts for body scrubbing, be gentle with your body. Intense scrubbing could hurt your skin. Properly rinsing your body after letting the scrub stay on for a while is also a must to avoid stickiness, which could bring discomfort.

better bath better body epsom salts

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