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Epsom Salt Shower Ideas

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It is a common misconception that you cannot enjoy bath salts without a full-sized bathtub. On the contrary, having an epsom salt shower is a thing and if you are yet to try this because there is no tub available, then this is a sign for you to go and experience it.

Here’s how you can enjoy epsom salts in the shower.

No Bathtub, No Worries

Craving the tranquility of an epsom salt soak but missing a bathtub? Fear not! With a touch of ingenuity, you can transform our bath soaks into delightful body scrubs. Simply mix the bath salts with a little water in a clean bowl, creating a thick paste that covers your entire body.

Leave the scrub on while gently massaging different areas. Remember, a light touch is key! This mimics the pampering experience of a bath soak.

The gentle friction combined with the aromatherapy of pure essential oils works wonders. It loosens tight muscles, melting away stress. Plus, our epsom salt soaks at Better Bath Better Body, like the Deep Relaxation Bath Soak, are all-natural and free of confusing ingredients. 

Relax, unwind, and enjoy the spa-like experience, right in your shower!

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Relaxing With Aromatherapy

Who says bath time is the only way to enjoy the delightful scents of essential oils? While DIY body scrubs are a fantastic option, there's a simple trick to unlock the aromatic power of epsom salts during your shower. 

Sprinkle a generous amount on the shower floor. As the warm water hits the crystals, they'll dissolve, releasing a burst of fragrance. It's a quick and fun way to transform your daily shower into a mini aromatherapy spa –– all thanks to the versatility of epsom salts.

Choose from a variety of aromas to match your mood or lifestyle. Bundles are a great option, offering a complete selection to suit any occasion.

1. Aromatherapy Bundle - Indulge in the delightful scents that make our bath soaks so special. Can't decide which one to pick?  The Aromatherapy Bundle is the perfect place to start! Packed with pure essential oils, this trio guarantees a relaxing bath, even when used as a body scrub. And for an extra dose of aromatherapy, sprinkle some on your bathroom floor to create a soothing steam experience.

Here's what's included in the bundle:

- Slim Bath Soak with invigorating geranium and grapefruit essential oils for an uplifting experience

- Back Soothing Bath Soak with calming lavender and refreshing peppermint to ease muscle tension

- Turmeric Bath Soak for a powerfully invigorating soak

2. Antistress Bundle - After a day choked with work and anxieties, your bathtime deserves to be an ultra-rewarding escape. Enter the Antistress Bundle.

Packed with a revitalizing trio, it offers the Stress Relief Bath Soak with invigorating eucalyptus and spearmint, Detox Bath Soak with a ginger and lemon aromatherapy punch, and Slim Bath Soak, bursting with the uplifting scents of geranium and grapefruit.

Turn these bath salts into anti-stress shower scrubs with a gentle massage –– the perfect way to pamper yourself and wash away the day's worries.

3. Athlete Bundle - After a tough workout, a relaxing shower is pure bliss. The Athlete Bundle elevates that experience by turning your shower into a soothing spa treatment.

Forget lugging around bath salts –– this bundle works perfectly as a shower scrub! Plus, it's ideal for gyms with only showers.

Infused with refreshing aromatherapy, the Athlete Bundle helps cool you down. Breathe in the invigorating scents of mint and citrus with the Athlete, Detox, and Muscle Bath Soak packs.

4. Transcendence Bundle - Unwind in pure bliss with the Transcendence Bundle. Each soak features pure essential oils, blended for an intoxicating mix of rich floral and earthy aromas.

These luxurious soaks go beyond relaxation, reaching deep down to soothe your mind and body. Restore your inner balance and recharge your spirit with the Chakra, Deep Relaxation, and Tranquility Bath Soak.

5. Bath Salts Sampler Pack - Indecisive about which epsom salt to choose? No problem! Our sampler pack is your perfect solution.

This convenient bundle offers a variety of epsom salts to address different relaxation needs. Whether you're seeking deep relief after a long day at work, soothing sore muscles after a tough workout, or simply unwinding from stress, our sampler has you covered.

It includes our popular Deep Relaxation, Muscle, Detox, and Stress Relief Bath Soaks.

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A Gentle Reminder

A friendly reminder: when you use bath salts for a scrub, be gentle. Scrubbing too hard can irritate your skin. After letting the scrub sit for a bit, rinse well to remove any leftover residue that might cause discomfort.

Take An Epsom Salt Shower Today

Ditch the bathtub, and embrace the epsom salt shower. Discover the power of aromatherapy and DIY scrubs for deep relaxation, stress relief, or muscle recovery.

Explore our curated bundles or sampler packs to find your perfect scent and transform your daily shower into a spa-like sanctuary. Click here to place an order today.

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