Epsom Salt Showers Or Full Baths?

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When you buy bath salts online, what are you buying them for? For many, it’s to enjoy while taking a full bath, but that’s not the only thing they may be used for.

What To Do If You Don’t Have A Full Bath

Not every home has a full bathtub, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all of the benefits that epsom bath salts have to offer. The all-natural essential oil aromatherapy found in epsom bath salt blends can still be beneficial even if you don't have a full bath. This happens in a few ways:

Body Scrub

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Exfoliation is important. Dead skin cells can build up on the surface of the skin, which may leave it feeling dull, tired, or even itchy. You might even notice your lotions or creams aren’t settling in as they should, and this is a key indicator that an exfoliation session might be needed.

An epsom salt blend can be used alone or added to a favorite shower cleanser and then rubbed onto the skin gently to scrub away dead skin cells that might be sitting on the surface. After an epsom salt exfoliation session, you’ll get to enjoy smoother, brighter, and more invigorated skin that is better able to soak in the good stuff from your cream, lotion, or body serum.

Our Detox Bath Soak at Better Bath Better Body, which is infused with pure essential oils of lemon and ginger, will be perfect for this purpose. It only contains pure, natural ingredients, ensuring we only offer bath salts that are safe to apply directly on the skin.

Scalp Scrub

It’s not just the skin on the rest of our bodies that needs exfoliation. If you’re dealing with dull, limp, or lifeless hair, this may be due to buildup on the scalp.

Scalp buildup accumulates whenever hair products are used, whenever we sweat, and whenever dead skin isn’t completely removed from the scalp’s surface. You can add epsom salt to your shampoo and then gently rub it onto the scalp.

After a scalp exfoliation, your hair may be shinier, have more volume, and may be better able to absorb the moisture from conditioners or hair masks.

Shower Aromatherapy

You don’t need a bathtub to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Sprinkling a bit of essential oil-infused epsom salt bath soak like our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak onto the floor of your shower can help you enjoy an aromatherapeutic experience any time.

If you’re planning to take a shower, take a handful of your chosen blend, spread it on the shower floor close to the drain, and step into the shower as the steam takes hold of the pure essential oils.

If you’re looking to get the benefits of aromatherapy without taking a shower, simply sprinkle your chosen epsom salt blend on the shower floor, turn the water on hot, and allow the fragrant aromatherapeutic steam to fill the room. Sit in the steamy bathroom for as long as you like, enjoying the natural aromas in the air.

Sitz And Foot Baths

Foot and sitz baths are another way those without a standard bathtub may be able to enjoy their favorite epsom salt blends. These can be enjoyed using special basins or bathing tubs.

There are blends specifically catered to these types of baths for maximum enjoyment. For instance, we have our Sitz Bath Soak and Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak. For your next home foot spa, you may want to try our Detox Foot Soak.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Aromatherapy With Shower Tablets

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Enhance your shower experience by adding shower tablets, a perfect companion to essential oil-infused epsom salt bath soaks. Crafted from a blend of sodium bicarbonate and corn starch—common pantry staples—these compact disks that we offer at Better Bath Better Body deliver a spa-like ambiance right in the comfort of your own shower. Pure essential oils provide aromatherapy, ensuring a genuinely soothing and effective experience.

To indulge in the luxury of a shower tablet, simply place 1 or 2 disks on the shower floor, strategically away from your standing area. Upon contact with water, these tablets will slowly dissolve, infusing the air with the delightful aroma of essential oils and creating a serene atmosphere enhanced by steam.

Rest assured, our shower tablets are designed to dissolve completely, and their formulation is drain and pipe-safe, providing a worry-free indulgence.

A Guide To Taking An Epsom Salt Shower And Epsom Salt Bath

For those fortunate enough to have a bathtub, the versatility of your epsom salt extends beyond the confines of your bath. If you find a moment to indulge in some self-care, consider using your epsom salt blend in a classic manner.

Take your preferred bath salts and introduce approximately ½ to 1 cup of it into your warm bath water. Give the water a gentle stir to dissolve the salts, then prepare to immerse yourself in sheer relaxation.

A perfect salt blend bath typically lasts around 15 to 20 minutes. Following this blissful soak, you may opt to rinse off before getting ready to dry off.

During this rinsing phase, take advantage of the opportunity to exfoliate your skin using the salt blend. This will leave behind not only a subtle fragrance but also remarkably smooth and supple skin for you to relish.

Whether you're unwinding in a luxurious bathtub or quickly refreshing in a shower stall, whether you've set aside an entire evening for self-care or just have a precious few minutes, the benefits of indulging in the natural aromatherapy bath salts and shower tablets are always within reach.

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