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Five Habits Of A Highly Productive Boss

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If your’re lucky, you’ve probably had a boss like that - a person who gets everything done right with energy and enthusiasm. Good bosses can make a huge difference in your career. They can inspire you to push yourself and do your best in even the simplest tasks you do.

How do you know that you have a good boss? What makes them better than other bosses?

Here are the things would notice:

  • Knows How To Respect People
  • One of the most important elements of a healthy working environment is knowing how to respect people, even if you’re the one at the top. This means respecting other people’s time, their opinion and their preferences when it comes to certain things. Working with someone who encourages cultivating a culture of respect helps build better working relationships. Also, people who know they are respected in the workplace tend to be more productive and proactive. If you feel that your boss respects you, your work, and your skills, then you are in good hands

  • Helps Other People Prepare For The Future
  • When your boss genuinely cares for you, you can feel it. He or she understands your impact in the workplace and would not hesitate to promote you if he or she feels that you deserve it. A good boss also knows the importance of letting employees broaden their knowledge by encouraging their growth through classes or seminars. Do you feel like your boss is helping you prepare for the brighter future ahead?

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  • Stays Approachable
  • Can you talk to your boss about your new responsibilities in the workplace? Can you start a casual conversation with him or her about the latest basketball game? A good boss knows how to stay approachable without forgetting to set up boundaries. You may not get to talk to your boss everyday, but it’s a good sign if you know that you can just approach your boss anytime and let him or her know your opinion about something.

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  • Always Listens
  • A good boss is not always right - and he or she knows it, that’s why a good boss always listens to what other people have to say. Whether it be about the latest office policies or about the latest revisions for your project, a good boss allows and encourages people to voice out thoughts and opinions. He or she may not always follow your suggestion, but he should always be willing to spend time thinking about it. A good boss knows that he does not have the answer to everything.


  • They Know How To Relax
  • It’s hard to work for a boss who does not know the value of work-life balance. When you spot someone who encourages you to take time off and relax occasionally, it’s a good sign. A good boss will not make it a norm for you to work more hours on weekends. He should respect that you also have time for your family, your hobbies and yourself!


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