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Five Quick Ways To Energize Yourself In The Morning

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Better Bath Better Body Epsom Bath Soaks BlogDo you find yourself struggling to wake up as soon as your alarm goes off? Getting up in the morning is no easy task, especially if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. You’ll likely find yourself hitting the snooze button several times before dragging yourself out of bed.

A lot of entrepreneurs and CEOs are early risers because they know the benefits of waking up early. It is known to help improve your productivity and boost your health. It also gives you precious time to focus on important tasks before the world gets busy. If you play your cards right, you can wake up early and finish your work at around lunch time. This gives you a lot of time to exercise, bond with your family, and spend time doing the things you like.

Are you a night owl looking for ways to get up a bit earlier in the morning? Here are some of the things you can do to energize yourself in the morning and prepare for the tasks ahead.

Stop Using Your Phone’s Snooze Feature 

You think setting your alarm a little bit earlier helps your body wake up better? Not really. Your brain already knows that you have to be up in five minutes, so the kind of sleep that you get after you hit the snooze button is no longer restful. Do away with the snooze option and set your alarm at the time you want to wake up. Don’t make it a habit to sleep for “five more minutes.” Better yet, train your body to get up even without an alarm―it is absolutely possible.

Start Your Day With Sunshine And Exercise

There’s nothing like sunshine and exercise to get you all pumped up in the morning. If you want to feel awake and energetic, make it a habit to get out and do some exercise. A morning run or several HIIT exercises in your backyard is a great idea. If it’s impossible for you to get some sunshine in the morning, try turning on as many lights in your home as possible. When your interiors are dim, it will be harder for you to stay awake and feel energized.

Play Your Favorite Song

Better Bath Better Body BlogListening to music can help you get moving. You can create an upbeat playlist that will help you feel more energetic when you wake up. Include your favorite dance beats that can get you excited for the day ahead. Use the songs to time the length of your morning routine. Don’t forget to prepare a playlist for your morning commute too.

List Down All The Things You Need To Accomplish

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For some people, the pressure of all the things they need to accomplish wakes them up in the morning. Make it a habit to list down all the things you have to do as soon as you wake up. Plan your day and figure out how to best use your energy. Some people like to start their day with the most difficult task on their list. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, getting it done will keep you from worrying about it throughout the morning. This will then lead to a more productive day.


Have A Good Bedtime Routine

One of the simplest ways for you to wake up more easily is to sleep better. When you have had a night of deep, uninterrupted sleep, you will likely wake up feeling more rejuvenated than usual. Create a bedtime routine that you are comfortable with, and try to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep to boost your productivity.

It is a good idea to have a muscle soak as part of your bedtime routine. They will help you unwind and release tension just before bedtime. You can make your bath even better and more beneficial with our Epsom salt products.

We have a special Bedtime Bath Soak enhanced with chamomile essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, lavender essential oil, and orange essential oil. This unique blend promotes relaxation and calmness, allowing you to sleep soundly at night.

Aside from helping improve sleep, Epsom salt offers other benefits too. It can ease your senses and soothe and detoxify your body.

Interested in learning more about Epsom salt online? Check out our other all-natural blends here.

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