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Five Ways to Relax In Thirty Minutes Or Less

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So, you’ve got a hundred emails to read, you’re stuck in traffic and you haven’t had a good breakfast yet. To say that you’re busy in quite an understatement.

Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced environment, the phrase “I am busy” is actually being thrown around more than it should be. Most of us are trying to achieve work-life-balance - and many are struggling.  

If you are always experiencing an over-scheduled day, you should take time to slow down and give yourself time to unwind. It is a good idea to take a step back to help prevent you

  • Take A Power Nap
  • Most people are too busy to actually enjoy eight hours of sleep. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation can make you feel tired throughout the day. Taking a short catnap in the afternoon is the perfect solution if you want to improve your productivity and focus right before an important meeting. However, it is important that you keep your nap short and weet. Anything more than thirty minutes can make you feel sluggish and groggy.

  • Exercise
  • Moving around and getting some exercise can help your brain release “feel good” chemicals. You can try the Tabata method, which is the perfect workout for people who have a limited time. It can help you reach your fitness goals even if you workout for just twenty minutes a day. Try to incorporate your workout in your morning routine to help you feel good throughout the day. It is also easier to commit to your new habit if you make it a part of your routine.

  • Plan Your Things-To-Do
  • Channeling your energy into writing your to-do list can help organize your brain and make you feel less overwhelmed by all your tasks. It can be relaxing to get an overview of what you need to do. Organize all your tasks in a realistic timeframe and schedule. Don’t forget to put in more time for rest and relaxation in your schedule to avoid burnout!

  • Declutter Your Desk
  • It would be so much better if you can clean your entire bedroom or home, but if you only have thirty minutes, you might only have enough time to declutter your workspace. Clearing your work area can help you clear your mind. You won’t feel too stressed when your things are organized. Tip: Add a picture of your family or the beach in your work table - choose a picture of something that relaxes you. Whenever you feel stressed, just look at this picture for happy thoughts and inspiration.

  • Take A Relaxing Epsom Salt Bath          
  • Five Ways to Relax In Thirty Minutes Or LessYou’ve probably heard of the wonders of taking a relaxing bath. Staying in the tub for thirty minutes can help you soak away stress, tiredness and tension. Make your bath time even better with Epsom salt! A twenty-minute bath can make you feel relaxed and rested. It can help lift your mood too.        

    Epsom salt is known for numerous health and beauty benefits. It is often used by athletes because it can help soothe and relax achy muscles. It can also help detox the body and improve dry skin.

    Better Bath Better Body Epsom Salts are enhanced with therapeutic pure essential oils to help you enjoy aromatherapy benefits. We have a Deep Relaxation blend that will help you enjoy the relaxing benefits of Lavender. It’s a great addition that will help take your bath to the next level.

    Excited for your bath?

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