Five Ways To Take Care Of Your Body If You Are Busy

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What are the secrets to getting through a busy and chaotic week? More often than not, a tight work schedule means your health and wellness will suffer. When you’re trying to beat a deadline or reach a quota, it’s easy to forget about self-care. After all, how can you find time to enjoy a massage when it seems like you have a million things to do?

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. Just taking a break for 10 to 20 minutes can make a huge difference in how you feel. Looking for ways to make sure that you can still give what your body needs even if you are extremely busy? Check out our tips below.

Include Breaks In Your Schedule

Epsom Salt Wellness BlogDo you really think you can work for 8 hours straight without getting up from your seat? You may be staring at your computer the whole time, but it does not mean that you are productive. To make sure that you are performing at your maximum, create time blocks that include breaks in between. Several 15-minute breaks while working can help refresh your brain and improve your focus. Make sure you spend your break time wisely. Use it to get some sunshine, enjoy a cup of chamomile tea, or call a loved one and have a quick chat. 

Eat, Sleep, And Exercise

You probably know that eat, sleep, and exercise make up the foundation of good health. When we’re busy, we tend to forget our body’s needs. However, keep in mind that having a long to-do list is not an excuse to do whatever you want. As with everything, consistency is key. It’s okay to eat a slice of chocolate or sleep late every once in a while, but always remember that it’s important to make healthier choices if you want to maintain your health and wellness. 

Try Not To Overcommit

Are you always saying yes to everything? Do you still accept responsibilities even if you know that you already have too much on your plate? Overcommitting is a sure way to get burnt out. You will exhaust yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally if you have too much to do. One way to avoid overcommitment is to learn how to say no when you know you can’t handle additional tasks anymore.

Ask For Help

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help when you feel like you already have too much responsibility on your hands. The greatest leaders know the importance of knowing how to delegate. Hiring an assistant can help you grow and make you more productive.

Give Yourself A Reward With The Best Bath Salts

Deep Relaxation Bath SoakDon’t forget to reward yourself once you complete a difficult task or accomplish a milestone. After throwing yourself at work, it is important to give yourself time to sit back, relax, and nourish your body.


You don’t have to fly to a different country or spend a lot of money on spa treatments. You can reward yourself right in the comfort of your own home with Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom salt products. Epsom salt is an all-natural remedy that can help improve your overall wellness.

To help you relax after a tiring week, you can use our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak. It’s the perfect for when you want something to alleviate the tension and stress in your body. What’s more, it’s enhanced with lavender essential oil for maximum aromatherapy benefits. This is all you need for a relaxing and calming muscle soak experience.

Check out all of our blends to find out how Better Bath Better Body can make your bath rejuvenating from start to finish.

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