Holiday Gift Ideas 2021: Shower Tablets For Bath Lovers

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better bath better body epsom salts

Are you ready with your 2021 holiday shopping list? Bath essential oils and shower melts make excellent thoughtful and simple gifts if you’re looking to get your shopping underway. Alone or alongside other pampering gifts, it’s a way to communicate to your recipients just how much you care. Better Bath Better Body has a wide selection of great self-pampering products for you.

What Are Shower Melts? 

better bath better body epsom salts

Shower melts are also known as shower steamers or shower tablets. They turn an ordinary shower into  an at-home spa experience. Better Bath Better Body shower melts are made with 100% natural essential oils so you can enjoy a luxurious shower experience.

To use, just place a shower tablet near the stream. When the water of the shower hits the shower melt, it begins to disintegrate and release wonderful aromas from 100% pure essential oils. While you shower, you will breathe in these aromas that create an invigorating, relaxing, soothing, comforting, and energizing shower experience. 

Why Use Shower Melts? 

There’s not always enough time for a bath, and some individuals might not have a bath in their apartment or home. Shower melts travel well, and they can be an excellent way to relax or invigorate while traveling in hotels for business or leisure. Shower melts have similar benefits to bath soaks and salts, but in a convenient new form that allows them to be used in a shower instead of a tub. 

Because these products are so versatile and useful, they make a failsafe way to treat loved ones (or yourself) during the holiday season. 

Shower Melt Gift Ideas For The 2021 Holiday Season 

better bath better body epsom salts
The holiday season can be one of the busiest times of the year for many. Going from shop to shop looking for perfect gifts, managing incoming shipments to make sure gifts arrive on time, working overtime to serve the holiday hustle and bustle, and traveling to see family and friends are all normal things that come along with this time of the year. Shower melts are a solution to the holiday busyness in a couple of ways; they provide the kind of pampering that helps loved ones to relax and reset, and they make a simple but appreciated gift. 

A few suggestions for shower melt and bath soak gift packages are: 

  • A relaxation gift – Who couldn’t use some good old fashioned relaxation every once in a while? A gift package composed of Relax Shower Tablets, Relieve Shower Tablets, and Deep Relaxation Bath Salt is an excellent way to ensure a complete experience from your themed gift. If the recipient doesn’t have a bathtub, the Deep Relaxation Bath Salt can be used much like a shower tablet by placing a small pile of the salts out of the way on the shower floor. 
  • An invigorating gift – Not all baths or showers are taken for relaxation purposes, and sometimes you wish you could get just a bit of an energizing experience instead. An invigorating shower melt and bath salt gift might include the Awaken Shower Tablets, Arctic Mint Shower Tablets, and Eucalyptus Bath Salt for the bright and refreshing essential oil scent notes used in each of the products. 
  • A comforting gift – The holiday season is the season most want to feel cozy and comforted. To create a gift with a comfort theme you may wish to include Pumpkin Spice Bath Soak, warm Turmeric Shower Tablets, and Turmeric Bath Soak. These warm and rich aromatherapeutic scents are perfect for winding down after a long and chilly day. 
  • The gentleman’s gift – If you’re looking to treat the men in your life with a bit of much deserved pampering, there are shower tablet and bath salt gifts to suit their needs as well. The Gentleman’s Shower Tablets, Detox Shower Tablets, and Gentleman’s Soak Bath Salt feature essential oils of ginger, lemon, cedarwood, and frankincense for a robust and soothing experience any man is sure to love. 

better bath better body epsom salts

For packages of 4 shower tablets and bath salts, creating a gift box is a perfect way to really communicate the theme and the thought behind your gift. You can craft shower tablet gifts in any way you please by combining up to 4 products in each box, so you may target certain recipient interests or your own needs in a hyper specific way. 

Shower melts and bath essential oils gifts work very well as standalone gifts, but they’re also a great fit in larger gift baskets or packages. To create a larger shower or bath gift, one may wish to include the salts and tablets of their choice alongside a pair of soft socks, a new soft towel, a rubber duck, and a lip balm or moisturizer they can use to further their pampering. 

The holiday season is quickly approaching. It’s a smart idea to start some gift shopping now. You can also give away Better Bath Better Body tablets even when there’s no special occasion. Shower melts and bath soaks make an excellent “anytime” gift just to show loved ones how much you care.  

better bath better body epsom salts

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