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How To Clean A Sitz Bath: Taking Care Of Your Home Spa

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A sitz bath offers relaxation and soothing, perfect for new mothers seeking a moment of respite or anyone craving the comforting effects of epsom salt. To ensure your sitz bath remains a sanctuary of relaxation and soothing relief, it's crucial to grasp the essentials of maintaining and caring for it, including knowing how to clean a sitz bath effectively.

Let’s delve into the specifics of sitz bath maintenance and home spa care.

Who Should Use A Sitz Bath?

Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of a sitz bath, seamlessly integrating it into their regular personal hygiene regimen. The beauty of a sitz bath lies in its simplicity; it offers relaxation without the need for elaborate reasons.

To ensure a satisfying experience, fill your sitz bath with warm water, being mindful not to overflow the tub. Add up to two cups of pure epsom salt to enhance the soothing effects of the bath.

What Epsom Salt Sitz Bath Options Are There?

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At Better Bath Better Body, we offer several sitz bath soak options to cater to different needs. One of them is our Postpartum Bath Soak, crafted with 100% pure essential oils of geranium and lemon. Formulated with only USP Grade pure epsom salt, it's free from artificial fillers or additives.

For a rejuvenating soak in the tub, consider our Sitz Bath Soak infused with juniper and niaouli essential oils. This natural blend features high-quality epsom salt, along with pure essential oils and Vitamin C crystals for gentle relief. Effortlessly transform your bath into a revitalizing experience.

Another popular sea salt sitz bath option is our Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt which is made with Mediterranean sea salt and pure essential oils, perfect for providing you the relief you need while soothing and relaxing your body at the same time.

Not sure which sitz bath soak to use? Our Sitz Bundle (3-Pack) offers all three. You can create your own spa experience at home with all three of these to beat stress, rejuvenate your mind, and refresh yourself.

Epsom Salt Sitz Bath

Epsom salts are often used for sitz baths and are known for their soothing properties. Alternatively, Mediterranean sea salt offers the allure of bringing the ocean's serenity into your home.

Whatever your preference, we at Better Bath Better Body offer both.

How To Clean A Sitz Bath

Now that you know who can benefit from a sitz bath and explored the variety of sitz bath salt options available, let's delve into the process of cleaning a sitz bath.

Step One

Begin by emptying any remaining water or solution from your sitz bath. Next, thoroughly rinse both the inside and outside of the container with hot water.

Step Two

Next, add two tablespoons of bleach to your sitz bath and then fill it with at least half a gallon of hot water. If you prefer not to use bleach, you can opt for a solution made with dish soap and warm water.

For added effectiveness, you can also include a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in the dish soap and warm water mixture.

Step Three

Scrub the sitz bath thoroughly with a soft cloth or sponge, ensuring comprehensive cleaning both inside and out. Once done, rinse it with warm water and quickly dry it with a clean towel.

Is A Sitz Bath Hygienic?

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Absolutely! Using a sitz bath is unquestionably hygienic. Simply remember to rinse it thoroughly and dry it after each use.

The cleaning process for your sitz bath is quick and straightforward, requiring only a few minutes of your time.

Can Bleach Damage A Sitz Bath?

If you can spare your sitz bath from a bleach treatment now and then, it's a good call. Excessive bleach use, especially on materials like plastic, can cause harm. Whenever you opt for bleach, dilute it with water and never mix it with other cleaning agents.

Bleach is a common choice for disinfecting sitz baths, but there are alternatives worth considering. You might opt for a solution of white vinegar or a 3% hydrogen peroxide mix.

Not only are these options effective, but they're also gentler on plastic materials, ensuring they won't corrode or harm them over time.

Making Your Own Home Spa

Once you've stocked up on epsom salt and other bath necessities, you're all set to craft your personal spa retreat right at home. Simply light up a few candles, indulge in a soothing soak, and feel the tension dissolve away in no time.

And remember, tidying up post-soak ensures a blissful end to your tranquil escape.


To maintain your sitz bath as a hygienic and relaxing home spa haven, understanding how to clean a sitz bath is essential. With a simple three-step process using warm water, mild soap, and diluted bleach (or a natural alternative), you can keep it fresh and ready for your next soothing soak.

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