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How To Create A Romantic Night For Your Significant Other

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There is nothing that will inspire intimacy and relaxation with your love than a long hot bath. A bath is a wonderful way to connect with your partner and show them you care.

A warm, soothing bath can help you decompress and wash away the stress of the day. Sharing this time with your partner can be a truly romantic experience. Baths are an easy, affordable indulgence that can make both you and your partner feel spoiled. Bath time is also a wonderful time to connect one on one. Baths can increase intimacy and help you and your partner strengthen your bond. Here are some romantic bath ideas for couples that will make this time truly special.

1. Plan Your Bath Ahead Of Time

To really make a romantic bath for couples, you will need to do a little preplanning. First, you want to block off some time where you know that you will not be interrupted. For example, if you have children, you want to make sure bath time happens after their bedtime or when you have a babysitter. Next, you want to take the time to clean your bathroom. A dirty bathroom can be distracting and take away from the experience. Finally, you’ll want to make a shopping list and buy everything you need like epsom salts, candles, and champagne.

2. Create A Romantic Ambience With Lighting

Lighting can really help set a romantic mood. You will want to create warm, low lighting. A great way to do this is with candles. The warm flickering light of candles can create a very romantic mood. You can use standard candles or LED candles, whatever you prefer. Make sure to plan to place them strategically so they don’t fall into the tub or make a waxy mess. Look for places around your tub where the light reflects against the surface. If you have the space, place them around the tub itself. 

3. Make A Romantic Playlist

Another thing that can really set a romantic mood is music. Before setting up the bath, take some time to put together a playlist of some of your favorite romantic songs. Make sure the playlist is at least an hour long. This way it doesn’t cut off before bath time is done. Set up a speaker and make sure to keep it a safe distance from the water. You also want to test the volume. You don’t want the music to be so loud you and your partner can’t talk. 

4. Create A Sensory Experience With Smell

Another great idea is to make your bathroom smell amazing. One way to do this is to choose scented candles. You can also use an aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils. Look for smells that are floral, musk, or spicy. These scent ranges can really inspire romance. You can also burn incense or use a reed diffuser. No matter your preference, a beautiful inviting scent will add to the experience.

5. Prepare A Tray Of Indulgent Goodies

When preparing for your bath, put together some drinks and snacks. For drinks you can have a beautiful bottle of wine or champagne. If you and your partner do not drink, you can make a nonalcoholic cocktail or even just have a pitcher of ice water. You will also want to add some sensual snacks like chocolates, fruits and whipped cream, or a charcuterie plate. Make sure whatever you pick for snacks does not produce a lot of crumbs that can get into the water. Make sure to also have glasses, small plates, and napkins as well.

better bath better body epsom salts

6. Plan A Massage

A really great idea to add to bath time is a massage. Bath tubs are an ideal place for a massage because the warm water can help loosen tense muscles. If you’re not sure how to give a proper massage, here’s a helpful guide for a proper back massage. You can also add some massage oils. Another idea is to give your partner an exfoliating scrub. There is an easy DIY epsom salt body scrub recipe on Better Bath Better Body’s blog. Adding a massage or exfoliating treatment will leave your partner feeling relaxed and indulged. It will also help their skin soft and glowing.

7. Draw Your Bath

The ideal bath temperature is around 112°F (45°C). However, you can go warmer or cooler depending on you and your partner’s personal preference. When filling your tub though, make sure not to fill it all the way to the top. When two people get into the tub, it can displace the warm and cause the tub to overflow. Just leave an extra inch or two below the overflow drain and you should be safe. 

8. Add Bath Essentials

While you are drawing the bath, you will want to add some bath time essentials. First, you will want to add epsom salts that can soothe sore muscles and make the water soft against the skin. Try Deep Relaxation and Chakras epsom salts for romantic baths. You can also add essential oils, bubble bath, and bath tea to make the bath more special. Just make sure to add them while the water is running to ensure they are fully mixed into the bath.

9. Have A Stack Of Warm Towels

Finally, make sure to have a stack of warm towels waiting. There is nothing more wonderful than wrapping your partner in a warm towel after a long bath. If you do not have a towel warmer, you can put them in the dryer for a few minutes on a high heat setting. When you take them out, fold them and place them in a sealed container to keep them warm until your bath is over.  This final indulgence is a great way to spoil your partner at bath time.

These romantic bath ideas for couples will help you create the perfect bath time experience. If you are looking for romantic epsom salts to add your bath, check out the selection at Better Bath Better Body. They have a beautiful range of epsom salts that are blended perfectly with essential oils. Their epsom salts will help you and your partner unwind and enjoy this special time together. 


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