How To Enjoy Muscle Salt And Aromatherapy

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better bath better body epsom salts

Whether a person has been sedentary for a while and they just started getting active again, they run marathons on the weekends, or they’re up and moving all day for their 9 to 5, their muscles are working hard. A muscle bath soak might just be what they’re looking for at the end of a long day to give their muscles the pampering experience they deserve. When your muscles work hard for you, why not reward them with a little comfort in return? 

At Better Bath Better Body, our muscle salt products offer more than just salts. Our muscle bath soaks are made from the highest quality of ingredients. We use premium salts, vitamin C crystals for bath water purification, and 100% pure essential oils for an aromatherapy experience that takes care of the mind, body, and soul. As the muscles soak in the warm and relaxing water, our bath salts’ aromas create an at-home spa like atmosphere ideal for clearing the mind while the body rests. 

better bath better body epsom salts

Muscle Bath Soak Varieties 

Here are some of our bath soaks at our Better Bath Better Body shop. These are the best blends for your muscle-pampering time: 

  • Muscle Soak – The classic Muscle Soak product features the scents of eucalyptus and peppermint for an invigorating and energizing experience. For those who wish to indulge in a great bath before getting started with their day, the aromatherapy benefits of this soak can help to make you feel energized and ready to take on the world. Not just for morning baths, the classic scents of eucalyptus and peppermint can be just as soothing and relaxing as they are invigorating; making them an excellent choice for settling down after the day is through.
  • Athlete Bath Salt – You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy the Athlete Bath Salt. Perfect for pampering after a strenuous day, the scents of pine, eucalyptus, and peppermint bring you an aromatherapy experience fit for relaxing in the middle of a serene woodland paradise. Not only for the end of a day, but this muscle soak is also an excellent way to encourage relaxation before a busy day begins.
  • Runner’s Bath Salt – Cool peppermint and warm frankincense join forces to provide a balanced and comforting bath soak in the Runner’s Bath Salt. While this epsom salt product is great for runners, it’s really a perfect fit for anyone looking for a little comfort after a strenuous day. The therapeutic scent of peppermint works to invigorate and clear the mind while warm frankincense adds coziness to the entire experience.
  • Anciensea Muscle Bath Soak – Comforting, relaxing, and soothing, ancienSea Muscle Bath Soak combines epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, and Mediterranean Sea salt with the essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, and frankincense. Lavender essential oil in aromatherapy is renowned for helping with relaxation, eucalyptus has the power to invigorate and energize, and frankincense brings with it a key sense of cozy warmth. After a day of running, hiking, or working hard, this is a muscle soak ideal for helping to settle in for the night.
  • Lilliuma Muscle Salt – With softening and soothing properties, Lilliuma Muscle Salt is perfect for unwinding with a little pampering “me” time. The muscle salt combines Mediterranean Sea salt with fractionated coconut oil and Vitamin E oil, as peppermint, eucalyptus, and frankincense essential oils come in with the aromatherapy experience. Warm, soothing, and cooling all at once, this bath salt product helps to bring the muscles back into balance.
  • Lilliuma Athlete Bath Salt – Bright, warm, and energizing, the Lilliuma Athlete Bath Salt enhances Mediterranean Sea salt, fractionated coconut oil, and Vitamin E oil with the scents of lemon, eucalyptus, and frankincense essential oils. Bright, citrusy, and balanced, this is a muscle bath salt product that can be enjoyed in a morning bath, an evening bath, or any bath in between. Whenever you need a pick-me-up with comforting properties, the Lilliuma Athlete Bath Salt can be there to provide just an experience.

better bath better body epsom salts

The Muscle Soak Experience 

For the perfect muscle salt bath soak experience, one may partake in a little preparation first. Having a fresh and soft towel ready ensures you can truly lay back and relax during your bath, knowing that you have everything you need to gently dry off as you step out of the tub. 

As you draw the water for the bath, be mindful in making sure the water is not too hot or too cool. Find a comfortable temperature that will remain comfortable for the 20-30 minutes of soaking that makes for an optimal bathing experience. Having a little steam coming off of the water is ideal in ensuring the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils in the soak. As the steam rises, it carries with it the scents of the all-natural oils to surround you in a spa-like experience. 

After the water is drawn, or as it is being drawn, using about one half cup to one cup of muscle salt is ideal for a standard sized bathtub. This ensures the correct balance of epsom salt and essential oils to maximize the bathing experience. Once the muscle salts have dissolved, it’s time to lay back, relax, and treat your muscles with the kind of pampering experience they’ve earned. 

better bath better body epsom salts

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