Make Your Small Bathroom More Relaxing With These Easy Steps

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A small bathroom may not sound appealing at first, but if you use every inch of it wisely, your bathroom can easily turn into a stylish and functional area.

The right tweaks and changes can transform your humble space into a sanctuary. In fact, even if you don’t have a bathtub, there are still other ways to enjoy a DIY spa experience in your small bathroom. 

It’s all about making the entire space comfortable. Invest in useful items that have a luxurious feel. Really work on creating an ambiance that will encourage you to relax and unwind. Pay attention to the smallest details, and you will be able to maximize the space and make the most of what you have.

Need our help? Here are some ideas that can make your small bathroom more relaxing.

Clean And Declutter

    Even if you have the most luxurious bathroom in the world, it will be hard to relax if your bathroom is a mess. You need to start with the basics and work on making your bathroom clean and clutter-free. Don’t purchase too many knick-knacks that don’t really add to the value of your bathroom. Keep the items you use every day in easy-to-reach areas so you won’t have trouble looking for them.

    Choose The Right Lighting

    Since a small bathroom does not give you a lot of space to play around, focus your attention on details that don’t necessarily take up a lot of space―lighting is a perfect example. If you can, flood your bathroom with natural light to make it feel bigger, but if that’s not possible, at the very least make sure that the work areas of your bathroom are well lit. 

    The lighting in your bathroom should be both functional and flattering. It is important to find a color that makes your bathroom look warm and inviting.

    Create A Relaxing Mood

    Spa owners work hard to create the right mood for people who want to relax. This is because the look and feel of a certain place can make or break the pampering experience. 

    Instead of trying to find ways to make your bathroom bigger, focus your energy on creating the right atmosphere for the space you already have. What can you do to make it more relaxing? How can you create the right mood?

    Scented candles, zen music, and maybe a small plant can help make your bathroom feel more relaxing. Think of a theme you can play with every so often. Try to keep your accessories functional as well to really maximize the space.

    Invest In Good Towels And Robes

    Epsom Bath Salt Lifestyle BlogWhat’s the best way to finish off your bath? Bundling up in a plush towel and cozy robe. The right towel and robe will help you feel pampered as you complete your morning rituals. Wouldn’t it feel better to put on your makeup while wearing a terry cloth robe? Plus, if you choose towels with attractive designs, they can double as bathroom decor even if they’re just hanging on the rack. 

    You might feel guilty about paying more than usual for these small luxuries, but the more you use them, the more you will realize that you are getting your money’s worth.

    No Tub? Have The Best Foot Spa Instead

    Detox Foot SoakIf you have a small bathroom, you might find it quite frustrating that you don’t have a tub. While it’s true that this somewhat limits your relaxation options, there are still other ways to relax. For example, a simple DIY foot spa can be a real game changer. When done right, a foot spa can be just as relaxing as a soak in the tub.

    Giving yourself a DIY foot spa is a great way to relax after a long day. It’s especially beneficial if you have spent hours on your feet. With regular treatments, you might see improvement on your skin as well.

    If you are looking for ways to make your DIY spa more relaxing, try our Detox Foot Soak made from all-natural ingredients, including USP-grade, pure Epsom salt, 100% pure essential oils, and Vitamin C crystals.

    Made from magnesium and sulfate, Epsom salt is known to help with relaxation. It is popular among athletes because it helps soothe the body.

    Ready for your foot spa? Check out high-quality Epsom salt online here.

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