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Mediterranean Sea Salt For Athletic Bath Lovers

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Most people know that working out is important to keep fit, but few realize that rest days are just as crucial. Part of working out is recovery, and how you spend those recovery days can directly affect the success of your future workouts. Overworking yourself and your body may result in the lack of motivation and the abandonment of your goals.

Sea Salt Baths Offer Soothing Benefits

It's common to feel a bit of discomfort after doing strenuous exercises; after all, you’ve really put your muscles to work. Continuing to work out without resting can exacerbate that discomfort as your body plays catch-up in recovery. A Mediterranean Sea salt bath can help provide the soothing comfort you’re looking for during these rest days, allowing you to be better prepared and better motivated for future workouts to come.

Mediterranean Sea salt is naturally rich in minerals like potassium, iodine, and magnesium, and it is known to help calm both the mind and the body. When it is combined with essential oils, the resulting experience is brought to yet another level.

Not only are you able to soak in the soothing benefits of Mediterranean Sea salt with the Lilliuma Athlete Bath Salt, but you also get the aromatherapeutic benefits of frankincense, eucalyptus, and lemon. Cooling and stimulating, they provide a well-rounded and soothing experience for your entire body.

Using our Athlete Bath Salt for recovery days is simple. One only requires about 20 minutes of soaking time to experience recovery relief. Simply run the bath, add in a generous handful of the Mediterranean Sea salt and essential oil blend, and soak for your desired period of time. The temperature of the bath is based on personal preference and what brings you more comfort on your recovery days.

Bath Soaks Help You Get Ready For Gym Time

Studies have shown that 73% of individuals who set workout goals at the beginning of the year don’t follow through, and a lack of motivation plays a huge role in this statistic. Making the most of your recovery days and truly allowing your body to recover can help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

While resting in a Mediterranean Sea salt bath, simply sit back and be mindful of every moment. After your body is comforted and soothed, you’ll feel far more inspired to get back in the gym once again.

With our Mediterranean Sea salt bath soak made especially for athletes, you have just what you need to give your body the comforting relief it’s looking for. While your body relaxes in the water, breathe in the aroma from the pure essential oils, providing your mind with the same soothing comfort your body is feeling at that very moment. The lemon and eucalyptus essential oils provide a cooling sensation to help with your recovery and bring your body back to its natural and comfortable center. Try our Athlete Bath Salt today to experience the Lilliuma difference for yourself.

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