Pamper Yourself With An Epsom Salt Sitz Bath

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An epsom salt sitz bath is a comforting, soothing, and pampering experience. A simple way to feel comfort and relief, this type of bath can be taken using a sitz bath tub or a standard bathtub as you please. 

When you know how to create a pampering experience out of your sitz bath, you may enjoy this self-care treat at least once  week. It’s an excellent way to enjoy a quiet period at the end of the day as you enjoy relaxation with epsom salt, essential oils, and warm water. 

Creating Your Pampering Sitz Bath Experience 

Creating a pampering experience with epsom salt sitz bath is simple and it revolves around what you find a pampering experience to be. A few key features of a pampering sitz bath experience are: 

  • Have a fresh towel ready – Before drawing your sitz bath, have a fresh towel ready for delicately drying after you get up from your sitz bath. As you dry off, gently pat dry your skin. Patting dry ensures the drying process won’t ruin the relaxing and soothing experience of the bath.
  • Ready the tub – A sitz bath can be taken in a standard bathtub or it may be taken in a sitz bath tub. A sitz bath tub sits over the bowl of the toilet, and warm water is poured in to fill your bowl for use. A hole in the back of the soaking bowl makes sure that any overflow harmlessly falls into the toilet bowl for a mess-free experience. Preparing this bowl means ensuring it is washed, dried, and ready for soaking. Preparing the tub is much the same; making sure the tub is clean and ready for your soak.
  • Have entertainment ready – Whether you’re sitting in the tub or on a sitz bath bowl having some entertainment to enjoy really makes your pampering experience. This could mean bringing your tablet along, a smartphone, a good book to read, a puzzle or activity book, or any other entertainment activities you wish to enjoy. As you sit and soak, enjoying the epsom salts and aromatherapy, you can use this time enjoying a favorite sit-down leisure activity.
  • Set up soothing music or candles – If you wish to keep your mind clear during your sitz bath pampering session, you may wish to skip entertainment items and instead rely on soothing music and a few favorite candles. Candles with scents that complement the aromatherapy in the sitz soaks work well in creating an overall spa-like experience, while the music helps your worries or stresses to drift away. 

better bath better body epsom salts

Drawing And Enjoying Your Sitz Bath 

When drawing your sitz bath, make sure to keep the water at a comfortable and soothing temperature. You want the water to be warm enough to effectively relax and comfort you, but not too hot that it’s uncomfortable or irritating. A nice warm temperature with a little steam to carry the essential oils for aromatherapy is ideal. If you’re drawing the sitz bath in the tub, keep the water at just a few inches to focus the soothing properties on the targeted areas. 

It's important to take care in getting out of your sitz bath. Sitting and enjoying in the bathtub or on a sitz bowl can cause the body to deeply relax and getting up too quickly from the bath may lead to lightheadedness or becoming a bit unsteady. After your sitz bath, take care to get up slowly and begin patting dry. 

A sitz bath should last for around 10 to 20 minutes to feel maximum relief. When using sitz soaks, about 1 to 2 tablespoons of the soak of your choice should be used for each gallon of water in your bathtub or sitz bowl. 

Sitz Soaks To Enhance Your Experience 

Sitz soaks help to enhance your experience through epsom salts, Mediterranean Sea salts, and natural essential oils. These products turn your sitz soak into the spa-like experience you’re looking for. The Sitz Bundle comes with 3 different but equally enjoyable sitz soaks to provide different sitz spa experiences with every use. 

The classic Sitz Bath Bath Salt with Juniper and Niaouli is included in the bundle. Made from USP grade epsom salt, Vitamin C crystals, and essential oils of geranium, frankincense, niaouli, juniper, and lavender, it creates a warm and soothing experience from the moment you sit down. The scents dance together in the steam of the sitz bath, enveloping you in the benefits of 100% natural essential oils. 

The next soak included in the bundle is the Postpartum Bath Salt. USP grade epsom salt, fractionated coconut oil, and Vitamin C crystals meet essential oils of geranium, frankincense, lavender, lemon, and chamomile creating a comforting experience unlike any other. Frankincense is warm and cozy, while lemon, lavender, geranium, and chamomile provide a soothing and invigorating effect in a relaxed and balanced way. 

The last soak in the bundle is the Lilliuma Sitz Salt. This sitz soak product is made from Mediterranean Sea salt, fractionated coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and chamomile essential oil for a simple, straightforward, and soothing soak. With essential oils known for relaxation benefits, it’s an ideal soak for those who wish to sit and simply relax for their ultimate pampering experience.  

better bath better body epsom salts

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