Quality Sleep Tips: 10 Ways You Can Try To Sleep Better

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Sleep is fundamental to a healthy life. An adult needs an average of 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. However, getting enough sleep nowadays is a challenge. A calming turmeric aromatherapy bath with Epsom salts and pure essential oils is one of the ways you can try to improve your sleep.

How To Create A Calming Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep

1 - Establish Your Goals For Creating A Nighttime Routine

Set yourself up for success by tackling your nighttime routine in a systematic manner. Establishing goals is important in any plan or project. Before you set up the routine itself, consider what your current routine is, which aspects are possibly not working, and what you want to achieve.

2 - Write Down The Nighttime Routine You Want

Based on your new goals, make adjustments on your current nighttime routine. What habits do you want to cultivate? Which activities do you think will help you sleep better? Write down the routine you want to achieve. This will make your goals concrete and will serve as a guide for you each night.

3 - Stay On Schedule During The Day

The success of your nighttime routine is dependent on whether you accomplish all your tasks throughout the day. If you procrastinate on a task, you might end up working on it at night and stay up late. If that sounds like your current nighttime routine, you need to improve your productivity during the day so you can focus on relaxing at night.

4 - Prepare For Tomorrow

Preparing for tomorrow is a great way to establish that you are ending your day. It may also help you calm down since you know what you will do on the next day. You can do this by creating a to-do list, setting intentions for the next day, and preparing your clothes for the next day.

5 - Save The Bedroom For Sleeping

Treat your bedroom as a sacred sanctuary reserved only for sleeping. Humans are creatures of habit, and if you make a habit of working or watching TV in your bed, your body may start associating it with those activities instead of sleeping. Train your mind to see the bed as a space only for relaxing and sleeping.

6 - Limit Caffeine Intake

Coffee at the start of your day will help you perk up and improve your productivity. However, coffee in the afternoon, while it may help you stay productive and alert, will cause disruption in your sleep pattern at night. Research says that you need to cut off caffeinated beverages at least 6 hours before bed time.

7 - Establish An Electronic Curfew

Blue light is associated with the sun, so it makes the body alert and improves productivity. However, as the Sleep Foundation explains, exposure to blue light at night disrupts the body’s circadian rhythms. Instead of winding down and preparing for sleep once the sun sets, the body is triggered to be alert.

Gadgets emit blue light, which is why use of phones, laptops, and TV is discouraged before bed time. Not only that, if you are watching or reading stimulating content in your screens, these may also excite you and keep you from sleeping. This is similar to why most people use dimmed yellow lighting for evenings instead of fluorescent or LED light.

To make your bedroom even more conducive to sleeping, turn it into a screen-free zone. Alternatively, if you must use your phone at night, use the night mode to reduce the effect of blue light.

8 - Set Time For Calming Activities

For most people, the time between dinner and bed time is spent either scrolling on their phone or binge-watching on Netflix. These activities may help you forget about the stresses of the day, but they will not help you relax and sleep better. While planning your nighttime routine, be mindful of what activities you will do during this time. Select activities that are calming to prepare you for sleep. Here are some ideas:

  •   Write on a journal
  •   Write a gratitude list
  •   Meditate
  •   Practice gentle yoga

Be proactive about doing these calming activities—set a time for when you will do these.

9 - Schedule Bath Time

Baths are extremely relaxing. Warm baths are an ideal inclusion for a nighttime routine because, as studies proved, it helps the body cool down and relax so you can sleep better after. Complete your bath with a turmeric bath. Turmeric is great for improving the mood and reviving the spirit. Better Bath Better Body’s Turmeric Bath Soak, which also contains Epsom Salt. If you, however, prefer Dead Sea Salt, you may like AncienSea Turmeric Bath Soak.

Baths take only 15 minutes so it can be easily integrated with your personal hygiene routine. It hardly takes much of your time but it brings lots of sleep benefits. You can take advantage of this time to do other relaxing activities, too, such as meditating.

better bath better body epsom salts

10 - Create A Calming Ambience

The ambience of your bedroom is also a major factor in your sleep. Improving the ambience of your bedroom need not involve renovations, however. You can incorporate ambience-improving practices to your nighttime routine. Here are some things you can do:

  •   Set up aromatherapy before you take a bath so your room smells nice afterwards. Use essential oils that have calming effects like lavender and chamomile essential oils.
  •   Dimming the lights will also make your room conducive to sleeping.
  •   Play soothing music in low volume to help you unwind.

 Routines are beneficial for people. Routines add structure to your days that serve as a guide for leading a better, healthier life. Establishing a nighttime routine with turmeric bath will help you relax, improve sleep, and as a result, improve your productivity and mood on the next day. Relax better with Better Bath Better Body’s selection of relaxing bath soaks.

better bath better body epsom salts

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