Sea Salt Baths: How To Enhance Your Bath Experience

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soothing bath does the body good, especially when you use Mediterranean Sea salt. Bringing you comfort and stress relief after a long day or week, there are many enhancements you can make to your bath time experience.

Taking a bath is an individual thing; every person will have their own preferences when it comes to that feeling of total relaxation. Enhancing your bath experience one day may be different from another, and it all depends on what your needs are at that point in time. You may want to incorporate music one evening but the next prefer the sound of silence and a good book.

What You Can Do While Bathing

Bringing your favorite book is a classic way to enhance your bath. New digital reading devices are being made in water-resistant varieties, making bathtub reading even easier. If you prefer reading the traditional way, investing in a bath tray that holds your book for you keeps the relaxation going while your book stays dry.

For some styles of relaxation, lying in the bath with the eyes closed is preferred. To enhance baths such as this, bringing along a Bluetooth speaker connected to a smartphone or an MP3 player can be of great help. Putting your favorite music on as you soak in Mediterranean Sea salt can be just what you need to relieve the stresses of the day. The Mediterranean Sea salt will soothe away tension while the music will help your mind focus on calming thoughts.

Our Relaxing Bath Soaks

While you’re soaking in warm water, what you’re soaking in also matters. The Lilliuma Detoxify Bath Salt uses natural Mediterranean Sea salt alongside essential oils of peppermint, frankincense, and lemon. As the salts in the bath work to soothe and comfort your body, the essential oils add an aromatherapeutic element that envelops the senses. Breathe in the gentle and invigorating essential oil blend to make your bath experience even more wonderful.

During your bath, you may sit and soak or you can incorporate some gentle stretches or massage techniques to further relax your mind and body. Stretching or massaging the hands, feet, ankles, legs, arms, and wrists can help to relieve tension in these areas that you may not have realized you were holding on to. This can allow you to get even more relief through your bath experience.

Alongside our Mediterranean Sea salt blend, various bath enhancement techniques and strategies can ensure that your bath is exactly what you need at any given time. After a long day or a challenging week, a warm bath can provide you with comfort so you can reset your well-being with ease. Having a bath kit in your bathroom with our Detoxify Bath Salt and other relaxing bath products will help you make sure that the perfect bath is always right within your reach.

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