Make Sea Salt Baths A Part Of Your Post-Workout Routine

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When it comes to fitness, the time you spend exercising in the gym or playing sports tends to get all the credit. However, either of those is just a small part of your routine. Good nutrition, quality sleep, and pre- and post-workout rituals all contribute to your overall fitness. Once you understand why you need more protein and less sugar and learn the benefits of ice baths and Mediterranean Sea salt bath soaks, you can greatly enhance your progress and results.

The Importance Of Recovery

There are three things you need to consider if you want to reach your fitness goals: diet, exercise, and recovery. What you do in your post-workout routine and your rest days can foster strength, boost recovery, and lower the risk of serious injury.

4 Dos and Don’ts of Post-Workout Recovery

If you need help in developing your post-workout checklist, here are a few tips.

Do consume protein. Don’t eat sugar and junk.

Protein-rich foods help the body repair and rebuild itself. On the other hand, sugar and processed foods can end up impairing recovery.

Do exercises that target the entire body. Don’t skip stretching.

It’s important to engage in workouts that strengthen every part of your body. You should work on your back, legs, chest, arms, and shoulders if you want to experience growth and give yourself enough time to recover in between sessions. Don’t neglect pre- and post-workout stretches as these help you relax and ease tension in the body, thus reducing discomfort from your workout.

Do get plenty of sleep. Don’t overexert yourself.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an office employee, you should know what a proper amount of sleep can do for you. The body relies heavily on the repair and rejuvenation process during sleep. A lack of sleep will only set your progress back and leave you feeling weak during your workouts. But even if you have plenty of energy, it’s not ideal to challenge your overall fitness and overtrain. Avoid putting too much stress on your body and allow it to relax and recover.

Do take a sea salt bath. Don’t take an ice cold soak.

For a long time, ice baths have been known as a must-do for the post-workout rest period. However, recent studies have shown that taking warm baths with sea salt are more beneficial. The temperature of the water and sea salt bath soaks work together to promote relaxation and ultimately help with recovery.

Bath Soak: Your Partner In Post-Workout Recovery

If you’re in the process of recovering from an exercise routine, don’t forget to add the Lilliuma Athlete Bath Salt to your fitness checklist. This natural sea salt bath soak is specially formulated for athletes, complete with the soothing aromas of pine and eucalyptus oils. It also contains peppermint essential oil to stimulate your skin. With all the work you put into being fit, some time in the tub may be just the dose of rest and relaxation  you need.

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