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6 Things You Can Do During A Sea Salt Foot Soak

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Self-care is part of a healthy lifestyle, and one of its components is stress management. Giving yourself a relaxing foot soak at home is a good way to de-stress, but it requires a bit of time and patience. What can you do to avoid boredom while you submerge your feet in a basin of water for 15 or 20 minutes? 

Here are six ideas to keep yourself entertained without getting up from your seat.

1. Check Your Email

Make use of the short downtime to go through the newsletters you've subscribed to. There may be a limited-time deal on the Mediterranean Sea salt bath soak you've been wanting to try. Better yet, your favorite online content creator may have posted a new vlog you can learn a new skill from.

2. Bond With Your Pet

If you have a dog, you'd know that all they want from you is 24/7 love and attention. Cuddle with your furry canine friend while you soak your feet. Tell them whatever you want and pet them to your heart’s content—they won't judge you no matter what you do anyway.

Having a cat may be a different story due to their fickle nature, but you can still talk to them if they refuse to get cozy with you.

3. Catch Up With A Friend

Have a video call with your best friend. Exchange recipes, plan your next workout session together, or give each other the latest updates on your lives. You can also ask for or share Netflix recommendations if either of you has run out of shows to watch.

4. Organize Your Netflix Queue

Netflix has become the world's answer to boredom at home, so why not plan your viewing lineup while you soften your soles and toes? There should be a Korean drama, multi-season series, or documentary that would suit your taste.

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5. Work On A Small Project

Your feet may be in a basin of water, but your hands are completely free. You can start a hobby or a simple project such as: 

  • Mending holes and tears in clothes by hand
  • Sketching portraits of your loved ones
  • Writing in a journal
  • Giving yourself a nice manicure
  • Knitting a fashionable beanie

The choice is up to you. Just make sure you have everything you need for the activity before you soak your feet.

6. Eat And/Or Drink

This requires you to have food or drink beforehand. You can enjoy a delicious plate of pasta or a steaming bowl of noodles while you soak your feet in Mediterranean Sea salt. You can also munch on finger snacks like cookies or sliced fruits or vegetables. 

A glass of wine isn't a bad idea either. If you’re watching your nutrition, before you start your foot soak, blend a healthy smoothie you can sip on while sitting down.

Make The Most Of Your Detox Foot Soak

A warm foot soak doesn't just exfoliate and soften your feet; it also detoxifies them and provides you with an aromatherapy experience. It is recommended to soak your feet in Mediterranean Sea salt up to three times a week.

Towel dry your feet once your soaking session is done. Exfoliate if needed, and don't forget to moisturize with foot lotion to maximize the effects of your foot soak.

Make sure to use high-quality products with natural ingredients. Try Lilliuma Relaxify Foot Soak, which contains Mediterranean Sea salt that can rejuvenate the skin. It also has lavender, coconut, chamomile, and frankincense essential oils to help your mind unwind.
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