Minimizing The Effects Of Sitting Down All Day

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Whether you work in an office or have a remote job, you probably spend several hours out of your day sitting behind a desk. Regular exercise and short breaks are a couple of things you can do to minimize the effects of sitting all day because of work. Read on for several more tips to incorporating movement into your daily life.

Take Breaks And Walks

When you sit for hours on end, you can shorten certain muscle groups in the body. To avoid this, it is important to take breaks from sitting every hour. During those periods, get up and move around. You want to use as many of your muscle groups as possible. Short walks can also counteract the negative effects we can feel after sitting for a long time.

Do Some Stretches

After a full day of working while sitting down, it is good to stretch before we take some time to relax. Without stretching, you may find yourself feeling stiff. To combat the effects of prolonged sitting, stretch as soon as you get up from your chair. Hold your stretches for about 30 seconds on each side, and repeat them as necessary until you feel more relaxed and loosened up.

Engage In More Physical Activity

When you aren't working, you should try to be as active as you can throughout the day. Exercise is a great way to strengthen your body. Thirty minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity 5 days a week is all you need. Even 10 to 15 minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Switch To A Standing Desk

You can also opt for a different kind of desk and a change in your environment. If you are tired of sitting while working, consider the benefits of switching to a standing desk. It will allow you to stand comfortably and handle your tasks at the same time. Those desks are often referred to as height-adjustable desks or sit-stand desks.

A standing desk not only gets you out of a sitting position but also helps you increase your level of productivity throughout the day.

Get Good Lumbar Support

If you don't want to switch to a standing desk, then you need to make sure your current chair offers you the lumbar support you need to be able to sit for hours. We have a natural curve to our back, which we have to maintain if we want to prevent discomfort.

If the chair you are using is too high or too low, this can also cause problems and make sitting for long periods difficult. Always adjust your chair to fit your needs. When you are sitting, your hips should be above the level of your knees, and your feet should be firmly planted on the ground underneath your knees, according to Sarah Kostyukovsky, PT, DPT, OCS.

Change Your Habits

You can also tweak your other habits outside of the home or office to help minimize the effects of sitting down all day. For example, if you take the train or bus to work, try standing during your commute instead of sitting. Instead of using escalators or elevators, take the stairs.

It also won’t hurt to set a reminder for you to get up and move every 30 minutes to an hour during your workdays to avoid excessive sitting.

Find An Activity To Do

It also helps to look for an activity you love that encourages you to get up and be active. That way, you are able to move around to combat the effects of sitting and have fun as well.

It could be something as simple as taking a break to walk the dog, participating in Pilates, or playing around in the garden during your free time. Yoga and dancing are two other enjoyable, engaging activities that encourage you to get moving.

Learn How To Sit Properly

Posture doesn't necessarily start with a straight back. It actually starts with pushing your buttocks back slightly so they are in line with your torso. You also want to sit on your pelvis and not your tailbone. This allows for a more even distribution of weight while you are sitting.

Additionally, keep your back as straight as possible and push your shoulders back. Good posture should be a habit, and if you start slouching, it should be corrected right away. This can help with the discomfort you may feel after sitting for a long time during your workday.

Learn How To Relax

Finally, don't be afraid to take some time to yourself after a tiring workday and unwind. A warm bath or a sitz bath with Epsom salt can do wonders for you. By using our Sitz Bath Soak or the Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt, you can loosen up your muscles and any stiff joints. It is also a good way to promote sleep and reduce stress at the end of the day.

Looking after ourselves and practicing self-care remind us that our needs and our health are just as important as the other aspects of our life, including work. A few minutes of soaking in sitz bath Epsom salt can help improve our well-being. It breaks up the monotony of our day and provides relief to our body after sitting down for hours.

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