Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Grownups

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You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy an awesome birthday party.

Even grown-ups can have a themed celebration with friends and family. No matter how old you’re turning, you can still throw a happenin’ bash that will make your birthday feel all the more special.

Need ideas for your party? Here are themes that will make your celebration memorable.

DIY Pizza Party

Better Bath Better Body BlogWho wouldn’t enjoy a nice pizza party? If you want something fun and absolutely wholesome, invite your friends to a DIY pizza party in your home. Instead of having your favorite flavors conveniently delivered to your doorstep, try creating your own. Prepare unusual toppings that will make the pizzas more interesting. Don’t forget to prepare nice aprons for your guests! Make sure to try each other’s culinary masterpieces.

Memory Lane: '90s Kids Party

Are you a millennial? Take a walk down memory lane and throw a party that will remind your guests of the best decade of their lives (the ‘90s, of course). Make them feel nostalgic with the right boyband music. Ask them to wear ‘90s clothes and accessories. If you can, try to serve food that will remind them of the ‘90s too.

Beers and Cheers Craft Beer Party

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Why not make your drinks the center of attention in your next party? Serving craft beer is an excellent way to keep guests happy and entertained. You can also serve food that will pair well with your chosen drinks. If your guests are newbies to the craft beer scene, you can help them understand how to appreciate a good drink.

Home Foot Spa: Birthday Spa-rty

Keep your guests happy and pampered with a birthday spa-rty. You can prepare stations in your home for facials, foot spas, and mani-pedis. It will be good for your guests to feel pampered and relaxed.

We suggest you use Better Bath Better Body’s Detox Foot Soak to make your celebration even better. We also have other unique blends that can help you enjoy the day with your loved ones.

To buy Epsom salt online, browse our available products here.

We hope you enjoy your special day!

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