What Do You Really Need For Your Minimalist Bathroom?

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There is something quite attractive about keeping things clean and simple in the bathroom. Even the biggest bathrooms may not have a lot of extra space, so going minimal with the design is a practical approach if you want to maximize the use of your bathroom.

Don’t worry because going for a minimalist approach doesn’t mean that you’ll have to keep your bathroom practically empty. You only have to be more discerning about what you really need or want to put in there. Get rid of the clutter to help make space for what’s truly functional and important to you.

Here are some things you should keep in mind if you are trying to design your own minimalist bathroom.

Play With The Color Scheme

Playing with color is a great way to add style to your minimalist bathroom. While neutral colors seem to be the popular choice, don’t be afraid to choose colors that will express your personality. What are your priorities? Do you want your bathroom to be relaxing or a bit trendy? Don’t be afraid to choose colors you like. Remember that it’s just paint, so unlike plumbing work, you can easily change it if something is not working for you.

Plan Your Decor

Better Bath Better Body Wellness BlogThere is no space for expired cosmetics or travel souvenirs in a minimalist bathroom. Because the space is so limited, you need to plan everything. It is best to go for stylish but functional pieces that don’t take up a lot of space. If you really want to add a piece of decoration to your bathroom, choose a small plant or flower. A touch of nature will give your bathroom a fresh look without taking up too much space.

Choose Good Lighting

Lighting can make or break a bathroom. The wrong lighting can make your bathroom feel small and cramped, so it is important to choose a clever design that will help maximize the space. The most popular choice for bathrooms is ceiling lighting. Nowadays, they come in a lot of different colors, so you can choose something that suits the style of the rest of your bathroom.

Use Bathroom Essentials Such As Bath Soaks

A minimalist bathroom does not have space for bath items and cosmetics that you don’t use, so you have to be wise about your purchases.

What are the items you can include?

You might want to add Epsom bath salt, such as our Joints Soak Bath Salt. It is a highly versatile item that can be used for your hair, feet, and skin. It’s known for numerous health and beauty benefits such as detoxification and relaxation.

We have many different blends for you to choose from. Our Epsom bath salts are enhanced with 100% pure essential oils that can help you enjoy aromatherapy benefits as well. You can use them as an exfoliant or for a muscle soak in the tub. Just add a cup of our Joints Soak Bath Salt to your regular bath water to enjoy the benefits.

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