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What Is Sleep Hygiene And How Can It Help Improve Your Sleep

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What Is Sleep Hygiene And How Can It Help Improve Your SleepDo you often have trouble sleeping at night? Do you waste precious time tossing and turning in bed? There is no magic formula that can help you sleep better, but you can make adjustments in your current sleeping routine to see improvement.

Have you ever heard of sleep hygiene? In a nutshell, the term “sleep hygiene” refers to a routine or a series of habits that can help you fall asleep better and help you stay asleep through the night. It is important because it will help you enjoy full daytime alertness and help improve your health and overall quality of life.

Here’s what you need to know about sleep hygiene and what you can do to help solve your bedtime problems.

What Is Sleep Hygiene?

Many factors can affect your sleep hygiene such as what you eat, your medications, your level of physical activity, and how you spend your day. All these factors contribute to helping determine your quality of your sleep. No matter what your age, you should make a conscious effort to improve your sleep hygiene whatever ways you can.

It all starts with being more conscious about the choices and practices that can help you sleep better.  Don’t worry, even simple lifestyle tweaks can have a huge impact in the quality of your sleep.

What Can I Do To Improve My Sleep Hygiene?

What Is Sleep Hygiene And How Can It Help Improve Your SleepHow can you establish better habits that can make you enjoy deeper and better sleep? Here are quick tips that might be able to help you.

  • Make a conscious effort to establish a sleeping routine that you are comfortable with following. Train your body to follow a consistent sleeping routine.
  • Don’t nap too much. Limit your nap time to twenty or thirty minutes during daytime.
  • During daytime, go outside to expose yourself to natural daylight. During nighttime, avoid exposure to bright lights.
  • Stay away from heavy meals, sugar, and caffeine before bedtime. Avoid alcohol, too.
  • Avoid using gadgets during the evening. Don’t make it a habit to use your phone when you’re in bed.
  • Exercise regularly. Walking or jogging can help improve sleep. However, avoid exercising when it’s almost bedtime because it will likely get you all pumped up.


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