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15% Off Wholesale Bulk Epsom Salt For Friends Who Joined The Float Conference 2022

NOTE: This special offer page is exclusively made for our new friends whom we met at the Float Conference in Maine in August 2022.

Do you need bulk Epsom Salt by the pallet or half pallet? Are you looking for a reliable wholesale Epsom Salt supplier who prioritizes quality, customer service, and efficient delivery? You are in the right place!

bulk epsom salt wholesale

We offer bulk Epsom Salt by the half pallet or full pallet to suit your purchasing level needs. We ship directly from our Kentucky warehouse where we store Epsom Salt in a clean & secure environment to ensure you receive the finest product.

USP Grade Epsom Salt

Our Epsom Salt is always 100% USP-grade for the highest level of purity. USP grade Epsom Salt is the only epsom salt available that meets the standards set forth by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP). Your order will include a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure you have the proper record-keeping and documentation to protect you, your customers, and your wholesale supply chain.

Small, Medium, & Large Grain Epsom Salt

We offer a variety of grain sizes to suit every application -- including simple repackaging, bath salts products, body scrubs, floatation tanks, body washes & body lotions, and many other cosmetic product lines. Our bulk epsom salt is also available for outdoor applications and gardening. 

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