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2022 Wellness Lifestyle Must-Have: Quality Bath Soaks All Year Round

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There’s one simple thing that you can upgrade in 2022: the quality of your bath experience. It’s a small and simple change, but it could make 2022 a much better year for your wellness lifestyle.

For a lot of people, relaxing baths have become a ritual and an important routine, especially for those leading busy and active lifestyles. Relaxation at the end of the day is like a reward for all your hard work. So you should make the most out of each bath.

One way to enjoy a relaxing bath time is by using a natural bath soak that can help boost and improve your mood. That’s what we’re here for.

Better Bath Better Body epsom salt soaks are made with premium USP Grade epsom salt and 100% pure essential oils. Our soaks offer natural aromas that can help with unwinding and relaxation.

Finding The Best Bath Partner For You

epsom salt bath soaks

People lead different lifestyles and finding the best epsom salt bath with essential oils that fit your preferences will make your bath time more enjoyable.

1. Bath Soak For Athletes - Staying in shape and getting ready for competitions is never easy. At the end of the day, it is still important for athletes to rest and recuperate so they can face another day of rigorous training and exercise. Warm baths are known to soothe muscles, and with quality soaks, you can enjoy a luxurious bath experience.

Our Lilliuma Athlete Bath Salt is specially made to pamper hardworking athletes and others who live a very active lifestyle. It contains 100% pure essential oils, so you can enjoy aromatherapy with frankincense, lemon, and eucalyptus.

Athletes can also enjoy this bath salt in various ways: as a whole body soak, as a foot soak for tired feet muscles, and as a sitz soak. A long and worthwhile bath with the Lilliuma Athlete Bath Salt can make you feel lighter and in tip-top shape so you can perform your best in practices and competitions.

2. Expressing Self-Love - Pushing yourself to work too hard can take a toll on your body, mind, and soul. What you need is a good soak with the Lilliuma Relaxify Bath Salt.

Our Lilliuma Relaxify Bath Salt is infused with 100% essential oils from chamomile, frankincense, and lavender, all of which are known to make people feel more relaxed and at ease.

You do not have to wait to reach the peak of your stress before trying it because it is for everyone who wants to pamper and give themselves the love they deserve. Take a break and treat yourself to the Lilliuma Relaxify Bath Salt’s soothing aromatherapy and enjoy the wonders of salt harvested from the Mediterranean Sea.

3. The Best Way To Unwind - There is a very good reason why many people are making long and warm baths part of their regular routines. Your bath time is your chance to care for yourself and focus on rejuvenating your entire being.

Our Stress Relief Bath Soak is a lovely addition to your bath rituals. It is infused with refreshing and relaxing aromas of eucalyptus and spearmint pure essential oils that can help relieve the tension in your body.

It not only uplifts your mood but also lets your skin enjoy the benefits of premium epsom salt, Vitamin C crystals, and Vitamin E oil. This is the reward you deserve after a long day or week.

Making Bath Soaks A Habit

foot soaks at home foot spa

People rarely devote time to self-care. Yet a simple bath can do so much for one’s well-being. Baths are a way for people to de-stress and even relearn to appreciate themselves a bit more.

Enjoy a nice warm bath at least once a week with Better Bath Better Body soaks, and feel the difference.

Making bath soaks a habit is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle. People who are more relaxed and grounded can make better decisions and are not easily agitated.

Whether you are physically active or not, add quality baths to your self-care habits. Be consistent with your bath rituals, so you can enjoy them as much as you can.

The Gift Of Relaxation

Share the good news and let others discover the beauty of natural bath soaks by gifting them with an assortment of bath salts for every mood. Giving your loved ones bath salts is an effective way of showing your sincerity, love, and care for them.

It also encourages others to focus on their well-being and take a break when needed as bath salts promote self-love. As the new year comes around, strive to be a better version of yourself with rejuvenating baths.

Shop our soaks now. Click here to order the best bath soak blends for you and your loved ones.

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