How To Make The Most Out Of Your Relaxing Candlelit Baths

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Transforming simple baths into magical moments is quite easy. All you need are the glow of candlelight and aromatherapy with relaxing bath soaks. You deserve some peace and quiet after an exciting day and indulging in a soothing bathtime is the way to go. 

To get you started with your special “me time” baths, here are some tips to make your candle-lit baths more enjoyable and comfortable.

Loosen Up With Aromatherapy

better bath better body epsom salts

Relaxing baths are not complete without aromatherapy. Half to a full cup of bath soaks with pure essential oils ought to do the trick. Aromatherapy can help you feel calm and BE stress-free. The best part is that there are different aromas to choose from to fit your needs and mood.

Better Bath Better Body’s special collection of bath soaks has got you covered. You can choose from the various soaks to match your mood, the season, and even your lifestyle. If you are exhausted after a busy office day, you can go for the Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief bath salts so you can properly loosen up and feel the tension drain away. Those who are living a very active lifestyle will surely find the Athlete and Runner’s bath soaks enjoyable. As the holidays trickle in, a nice soak with Pumpkin Spice and Christmas bath salts is one of the best ideas.

Aromatherapy also helps amplify the mood for your candlelit baths. Your eyes should not be the only ones feasting from the beautiful sight of mellow candle lights. A breath of fresh air that carries relaxing aromatherapy completes the experience. 

Simmer Down With Candle Lights 

Of course, a candlelit bath will not be possible without candle lights. The warm glow that candles emit not only helps set the mood but also helps you relax your eyes. After spending long hours in front of your computer screens, or after spending time under the too-bright sunlight, a dim glimmer is a very welcome change for your tired eyes.

There is also a strategy or special way to enhance the spa-like and romantic experience you get to share with yourself. The trade secret is to light your candles near a reflective surface, such as your bathtub water, to create a beautiful and magical effect. The reflection of the light is a sight to behold and can invoke a calming vibe that goes well with your aromatherapy bath soaks. 

Nice Tunes Are Good Bath Companions 

better bath better body epsom salts

Slow jazz, love songs, and any relaxing music are nice bath companions, and unlike the loudness of the city or the chatter of other people, you can listen to your favorite music without feeling stressed out. Your go-to music genres can also match and boost the mood that you are setting for your bath time. For instance, indulging in Christmas bath soaks will be merrier with a round of Christmas music. The Gentleman’s soak with the aroma of Cedarwood and Frankincense can be paired with acoustic guitar songs and solos.

Listening to inspiring and empowering podcasts while soaking in Chakras bath salt or Ancient Secrets Bath Soak is also an experience you should try. As you relax your body and close your eyes, you can let the wonderful aromatherapy and music take over to fully feel at ease and rejuvenated, body, mind, and soul.

Decorate And Bath In Style 

A little bit of decorating can do so much. Arranging your candles around your bathtub, putting in rose petals on the water’s surface, and placing plants or artificial flowers in the corners of your bathroom can also help in setting your desired mood. The aroma from your bath salts will also complement the visuals that you set. It is a nice change of scenery and environment, which is a delightful contrast against the bustling city. Take a break from the outside world and live in the moment.

Choosing The Best Bath Soak For You

 Finding a bath soak that is perfect for you can be overwhelming. With so many to choose from, it is difficult to guarantee which ones can give you all-around care. That is why Better Bath Better Body has made the best quality bath soaks available and accessible for you online. You do not also have to be stressed about choosing which bath soak to get because there is one for your every mood, experience, and season. 

The bath salts have pure essential oils with varying smells, vitamins, and specialties. For new mothers out there, we’ve got you covered with the Postpartum Bath salt. Those who want to show extra love for their feet can also get our foot soaks that you can use to relax or detoxify. To complete the all-around care, Better Bath Better Body also has Sitz Baths for you.

 Searching for good quality bath soaks is one less thing to fret about so you can mark that off your list of worries. All that is left is to prepare your candlelit bath with the bath salt of your choice and enjoy the rest of the time stress-free.

Share The Gift Of Relaxing Baths

One of the things to love about bath soaks is that they make impeccable timeless gifts that you can give for any occasion. Like we always say, everyone deserves to indulge in simple pleasures like relaxing baths with aromatherapy bath salts. If you know any bath lovers, you can bond over these soaks and even share your own tips and tricks to improve the experience. Bath salts are also a good way to introduce someone to the wonderful world of baths with aromatherapy.

better bath better body epsom sats

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