21 Reasons Baths Are My Saving Grace During The Pandemic

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I think we can all admit that 2020 has been quite the year. If you are anything like me, which I think you are, you might have felt like you were on a roller coaster of emotions. Anxiety. Fear. Laughter. Closeness. Loneliness. Sickness. Health. Joy. Comfort. It’s all been there. And while the uncertainty was high, there was one thing that I knew that could always bring me back to center. My bathtub. 

Here are 21 reasons I took more Epsom salt baths than ever this year. 

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    1. A moment of calm
    2. A moment of well-being. 
    3. A moment of freedom. 
    4. A moment of relaxation
    5. A moment to believe in the future. 
    6. A moment to cleanse. 
    7. A moment to detox
    8. A moment to breathe. 
    9. A moment to pray. 
    10. A moment to hide. 
    11. A moment to just be.
    12. A moment to think. 
    13. A moment to soak
    14. A moment to submerge. 
    15. A moment of happiness. 
    16. A moment of recovery.
    17. A moment to forget things.
    18. A moment to meditate
    19. A moment of clarity.
    20. A moment to cry.
    21. 21. A moment to heal. 

What’s your new year’s resolution? Mine is to continue to take baths seriously. Because quite honestly, they have been my saving grace. 

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