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4 Bath Products We Are Loving

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There are few things as refreshing and as relaxing as a good bath. With the right products, even the best bath can be elevated into something that can transform your entire day.

There are many different kinds of baths a person can take. A traditional bath is a classic favorite. It involves filling up a tub with warm water, adding your favorite products, and indulging in a full-body soak.

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However, not everyone has a full bath to enjoy. For those who don’t have one, there are sitz baths and foot baths that give you the same feelings of rest and rejuvenation. These can be enjoyed using sitz baths or foot-soaking basins that can easily be stored even in small spaces.

Whether you have a large tub or are looking to relax on a smaller scale, these four Better Bath Better Body products we are loving could be perfect for you:

1. Sitz Bath Soak – Our Sitz Bath Soak combines USP Grade epsom salt with fractionated MCT coconut oil, vitamin C crystals, and essential oils of lavender, frankincense, geranium, niaouli, and juniper. It is a classic and is for those who are experienced in taking soothing sitz baths and those who are new to this style of bathing.

A sitz bath focuses primarily on the bottom area, and it may be taken using a sitz soaking basin that attaches right to a standard toilet bowl. The sitz basin is attached to the toilet and filled with warm water, then 1 to 2 tablespoons of soak are added per gallon to the soaking vessel.

To enjoy a sitz bath, simply sit on the basin and relax in the fresh aroma for around 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re using a bathtub, simply fill it with a few inches of water and sit in the warm water.

People take sitz baths for different reasons, but they are known to provide soothing comfort for those dealing with hemorrhoids.

2. Detox Bath Soak – Our Detox Bath Soak is perfect for those who are looking for the kind of bath that melts the stresses of the day. It is made of the same pure and natural ingredients as the Sitz Bath Soak but infused with essential oils of lemon and ginger this time.

The all-natural lemon notes add a certain clean zing to the aroma of the blend, while ginger comes in to provide warmth and comfort at the same time. The Detox Bath Soak is an excellent choice for when you want to take a bath to clear your mind.

To enjoy this soak, fill a bathtub with warm water, add around ½ to 1 cup of soak, and relax in the water for around 20 minutes. You can also use it in the shower –– simply place a handful of the salt on the shower floor and allow the steam to fill the air with the essential oil-based aromatherapy.

3. Turmeric Bath Soak – While some take baths to refresh and rejuvenate, others take baths to relax. Turmeric is a perfect fit for the latter.

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This soak is infused with pure essential oils of turmeric, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, orange, and grapefruit. Turmeric and cinnamon work to provide a sort of “warm hug” often sought after in a comforting soak, while orange sweetens, grapefruit brightens, and ylang-ylang provides a sweet and creamy note that pulls the whole blend together.

4. Circulation Foot Soak – On average, a person walks 1 to 1.5 miles every day, so imagine how hard our feet work throughout the day. They deserve pampering, and this is where our Circulation Foot Soak comes in.

This soak combines high-quality epsom salt with pure essential oils of ginger, cypress, eucalyptus, and lavender.

To use epsom salt for feet, fill a bathtub or a soaking basin with enough water to cover just below the ankles. Make sure the temperature is warm enough to soothe and produce steam but not so warm that it becomes uncomfortable.

Add around 1 to 2 tablespoons of soak per gallon of water, agitate the water to dissolve the salt, and prepare to relax for around 15 to 20 minutes.

Transform your self-care ritual into a rejuvenating experience with these four bath products we are loving. Whether indulging in a classic full-body soak, soothing sitz bath, or refreshing foot soak, our natural blends at Better Bath Better Body promise moments of relaxation, detoxification, and comfort.

Elevate your self-care routine today. Click here to order bath and foot soaks.

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