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5 Bathroom Essentials That Will Help You Enjoy A Relaxing Bath

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5 Bathroom Essentials That Will Help You Enjoy A Relaxing BathIf you love the spa but don’t like paying the overpriced treatments, you’ll be happy to know that a few bathroom essentials can easily turn bath time into a good pampering session. This means you that you can enjoy something luxurious and relaxing right in the comforts of your own bathroom. This is something ideal for busy parents who don’t have the time to schedule a spa day. It’s also a great option for people who are always busy with work.

What are the things you need to buy in order to upgrade your bath? Here are some ideas:

Create The Right Atmosphere With Scented Candles And Zen Music

5 Bathroom Essentials That Will Help You Enjoy A Relaxing BathWhen you step inside a spa, the first thing you’ll notice is the relaxing ambiance. You need to work on giving your bathroom the same a relaxing feel. There are many ways to do this but at the very least, you should have a relaxing yellow light that will set the mood. If you please, you may also add scented candles and zen music that reminds of your favorite spa.

When you are giving yourself a pampering session, it is important to let our family know that you need privacy for an hour or so. Kids who are banging on the door can easily kill the mood.

Get A Bath Caddy For All Your Essentials

How are you planning to spend your hour of relaxation in the bathroom? Will you drink wine? Will you read magazines? A bath caddy can make your life easier. It will allow you to have everything within reach as you soak away in the tub. Plus, a bath caddy can help you avoid expensive accidents (like dropping your smartphone in the tub) too.

Use An All-Natural Face Mask While You Bathe

Give your face some pampering too. Spread on your favorite all-natural face mask or create your own using honey and Epsom salt. Just mix the two ingredients and gently apply on your face. For maximum benefits, make sure you leave it on for at least twenty minutes. Rinse with water and apply moisturizer.

Add Epsom Salt To The Water For A Better Bath

Pour in a cup or two of any of our Epsom bath salts, such as our Balance Bath Soak, with 100% pure essential oils that will make you feel calm. Epsom salt is also known to help combat stress and release tension. Stay in the tub for at least twenty minutes for maximum benefits. You can check out our other blends here.

Don’t Forget Your White, Fluffy Robe

Done with your pampering session? It does not end there. It won’t be a complete home spa experience if you don’t dry yourself off using a luxurious towel. Also make sure to put on a fluffy robe. Give yourself at least fifteen minutes to lounge around, apply moisturizer and complete your after-bath rituals. Don’t forget to drink a glass of water for hydration!

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