5 Gifts For The Dad In Your Life

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Father’s Day is coming up. This is your opportunity to show the father figure in your life how much you love and appreciate them.  It’s not easy to think of a gift for dads, step-dads, grandpas, or uncles. Sometimes the best gift is not something they would expect but something that would introduce them to a whole new experience, such as bath salts for men. Here are 5 gift ideas for the dad in your life.

5 Best Gifts For Father’s Day

Bath Salts

Men deserve to relax and pamper themselves with bath soaks, especially Epsom salt baths! For Father’s Day, introduce the dad in your life to relaxing baths and premium bath salts. You can give them a bath basket including Better Bath Better Body’s bath salts for men and other pampering products like a lotion and moisturizer for men, shaving kit, a towel, and a bathrobe. You could also go ahead and set up a spa day at home for them.

Here are some bath salt suggestions for every type of father:

For The Hard-worker

The Stress Relief Bath Soak is perfect for the man who is always working hard to provide for their family. This bath soak will help relieve the stress that has built up from years of hard work.

For The One Who Likes To Smell Good

Does he like to dress up and smell good daily? The Gentleman’s Soak is perfect for your father for Father’s Day. This bath salt will help them relax and relieve tension in the body while also moisturizing the skin.

For The Gym Rat

If he lives an active lifestyle, the Athlete Muscle Bath Soak would be a great match. This bath soak contains salt from the Dead Sea and essential oils that will help release tension in the muscles so he can relax and feel invigorated after his work outs.

For The Outdoorsy One

If he’s the type to spend his free times hiking, camping, or any other activity outdoors, the Detox Bath Soak is a great choice for him. A bath will help remove any dirt and grime that build up on the skin. With this bath salt, he will be able to relax after an adventurous day.

better bath better body epsom salts

For The Geeky Dad

Does your dad, uncle, or grandpa have a lot of hobbies? They probably spend a lot of time sitting down, hunched over something they’re tinkering with or sitting down in front of the computer or TV playing video games. Whatever they spend their free time on, their back probably hurts a lot. Give them the Back Soothing Bath Soak to help relieve back strain. 

You can top off all your Father’s Day plans with a self-care time for the dad in your life. Find the perfect bath salt for your dad at Better Bath Better Body.

Barbecue Day

Does your dad, uncle, or grandpa love grilling? Surely, they’ll appreciate a day where the family comes together to eat good food, catch up, and make memorable memories. Splurge on the meat you will eat for the day—buy Japanese Wagyu steak or filet mignon if the budget allows. Prepare his favorite side dishes, too. If he will allow it, let him sit down and relax while you do the grilling. Don’t mess it up! Distract your dad with a game and beer.

If you’re inviting the whole family, turn the day into a party with games like trivia game, relay race, pin the tie on dad (a Father’s Day variation of pin the tail on the donkey), or a pie eating contest.

Alcohol Tasting

Add a twist to drinking with your father figure—don’t just sit in front of the TV with your favorite drink in hand. Since it's their special day, prepare an alcohol tasting night with your dad, uncle, or grandpa. Invite your siblings and cousins, too.

There are different ways to do this. You could do a beer, scotch, or wine tasting night depending on what your father likes. You could also do it on your own—buy a set of the drinks you’re tasting, the appropriate snacks, and some pen and paper. Encourage everyone to take notes and discuss their thoughts. Here are how to plan a DIY scotch tasting party, a DIY beer tasting party, and a DIY wine tasting party.

better bath bette body epsom salts

A Day Of Action

If your dad is a man of action, perhaps he’ll appreciate a day where he gets to play and run around. Here are some fun things you can do on Father’s Day:

Play paintball or laser tag

Paintball or laser tag are always a welcome activity for dads. If running and crouching is not a problem, this is the perfect activity. Invite the whole family for a friendly competitive game.

Go-Kart racing

Go-Kart racing offers a safe adrenaline rush for those who love races. If your dad loves playing racing video games or watching races, take them to go Go-Kart racing.

Go fishing

Fishing is the quintessential father-child activity. You could re-hash childhood memories or make new ones if you have not gone fishing together before. However, take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents! If you do it right you and your dad may just come home with a stronger bond and a feeling of accomplishment.

Try Golfing (Or Miniature Golf)

Give golf a try (if your dad does not absolutely hate the sport). You can hire an instructor to teach you how to swing properly.


Perhaps your dad has done the other things above or are not interested in them. Let him have a new life experience with skydiving.


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