5 Things You Need For A Detox Bath

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What is a detox bath all about? At the core of a detox is a feeling of cleansing, a bit of rejuvenation, and the ability to clean your slate and start anew no matter what you may be facing during any given day.

What You Need For A Detox Bath

A great bath soak is key for building a relaxing atmosphere, but there are other ways to enhance your experience. Here are the five things you need to do for your detox:

1. Choose the right soak – The right soak is what sets the stage for your bath. If you’re planning to take a full-body bath, we recommend trying our Lilliuma Detoxify Bath Salt.

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The base of this soak is premium Mediterranean sea salt. It is infused with pure essential oils of frankincense, eucalyptus, and lemon. Grounded, refreshing, and bright, you get the detox effect upon the first sniff.

If a full-body bath isn’t what you’re after, you can take a foot bath instead. A foot soak focuses on one of the most used (and often most tired) parts of the body –– your feet.

Our Lilliuma Detoxify Foot Soak is the foot soak version of the Lilliuma Detoxify Bath Salt. A bit warmer and sweeter, it has the aromas of orange, lemon, and ginger.

2. Dim the lights – Aroma is just one part of the atmosphere you build. Once you’ve chosen a soak, it’s time to look outward to envision your detox scene.

If you’re able, lower the lighting where you plan to take your bath to better focus on the experience and the aromas enveloping you. You may even turn the lights off and replace artificial light with the delicate glow of a few candles.

3. Play some music – Sound is another important part of your detox experience. Using a Bluetooth speaker, smartphone, or another device, play music that will relax and rejuvenate as you enjoy your bath.

4. Complement your bath with an activity you enjoy – Maybe you love puzzles, or perhaps you’ve been meaning to get back into a favorite book. Doing an activity you enjoy during your bath can help you let go of the stresses or thoughts that may creep in and possibly ruin the experience.

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5. Self-care does not end when your bath does – Getting out of your bath shouldn’t be an invitation for stressful thoughts to creep back in. Take care of the experience you give yourself getting out of your bath.

Pat dry with a soft, warm towel and take it slow. Be mindful and remind yourself that self-care shouldn’t stop once you’re out of the bath.

Enjoy Detox Baths At Home

A detox bath is an experience you can enjoy at the end of a long day, during a busy afternoon, or even in the morning. The detox experience is all about relaxing and letting go. Anything that can help you build that comforting atmosphere is a perfect addition.

Every detox experience is different, and finding the perfect bath soak is the secret to this refreshing bit of me-time. Browse our full range of bath salts online and order one today.

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