5 Things You Need For A Detox Bath

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What is a detox bath all about? At the core of a detox is a feeling of cleansing, a bit of rejuvenation, and the ability to clean your slate and start anew no matter what you may be facing during any given day.

5 Things You Need For A Detox Soak

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A great bath soak is key for building your detox atmosphere, but there are other ways to enhance your experience as well. 5 things you need for your detox are: 

  1. The right soak – The right soak is what sets the stage for your bath. If you’re planning to take a full-body bath, Detoxify is exactly what you’re after. This detox bath by Lilliuma starts with a base of Mediterranean Sea salt and nourishing fractionated MCT coconut oil, with aroma provided by all-natural essential oils of peppermint, frankincense, and lemon. Grounded, refreshing, and bright, you get the detox effect upon first sniff. 

Perhaps a full-body bath isn’t what you’re after, you can take a focused bath instead. A foot bath focuses on one of the most used (and often most tired) parts of the body – your feet. Detoxify Foot is the foot-focused version of the Detoxify bath, and it also starts with a base of Mediterranean Sea Salt and Fractionated MCT coconut oil. A bit warmer and sweeter, this bath features the aromas of natural orange, lemon, and ginger essential oils. 

    1. Set an atmosphere with light – Aroma is just one part of the atmosphere you build, so once you find your soak it’s time to look outward to envision your detox scene. If you’re able, lower the lighting where you plan to take your bath to better focus on the feelings and the aromas surrounding you. You may even turn the lights off and replace artificial light with the delicate light of a few favorite candles. Focusing on refreshment enhances your detox experience. 
epsom salt foot soak
  1. Don’t forget sound – Sound is another important part of your detox experience. Using a Bluetooth speaker, a smartphone, or another device, build a playlist you can use to relax and rejuvenate as you enjoy your bath. For a detox experience, keep the music upbeat but something that still gives you the ability to relax. 
  2. Bring something you love to do – Maybe you love puzzles, or perhaps you’ve been meaning to get back into a favorite book. Bringing something you love to do into your bath can help you to let go of the stresses or thoughts that may try creeping in to bring down the experience. Effectively letting go of these stresses helps you to better absorb the atmosphere you’ve built. 
  3. Take care during the dry-off – Getting out of your bath shouldn’t be an invitation for stressful thoughts to creep back in. Take care of the experience you give yourself getting out of your bath. Pat dry with a soft, warm towel, take it slow getting up out of the bath, and give yourself something comfortable to wear to keep enjoying the relaxation even after your bath is done. 

Enjoy Your Own Detox Baths

A detox bath is an experience that can be enjoyed at the end of a long day, during a busy afternoon, or at any time with the convenience of a foot bath. The detox experience is all about letting go, and anything that can help you to build that comfort atmosphere is a perfect addition. Every detox experience is different, and finding yours is the secret to this refreshing bit of me-time.

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