How Epsom Salt Sitz Bath Gained Popularity

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In the world of holistic self-care and natural remedies, the epsom salt sitz bath has recently surged in popularity. This relaxing soak, combining the soothing properties of epsom salt with the rejuvenating effects of a sitz bath, has caught the attention of wellness enthusiasts and individuals seeking relief from various ailments.

Why Is An Epsom Salt Sitz Bath So Popular?

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Simply put, epsom salt sitz baths are popular because they work. They work to soothe, relax, comfort, and provide a different sort of self-care.

The combination of epsom salt's relaxing properties and the immersion of the lower body in warm water creates a harmonious synergy. This dynamic duo works wonders in soothing and relaxing tense muscle and offering a comforting escape from the stresses of modern life.

In a world where self-care is a cherished pursuit, epsom salt sitz baths have carved a niche for themselves, providing a distinctive, revitalizing experience that's as effective as it is enjoyable.

Sitz Bath For Hemorrhoids

A sitz bath is a simple way to treat the body right through soothing and comforting care. It’s easy, versatile, and pays close attention to a part of the body that all too often goes ignored.

Sitz baths are also a popular comfort remedy for soothing discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Alongside medication prescribed by a physician, they can ease symptoms and provide soothing while medications take their time to get to work.

The standard American diet is often considered to be too low in fiber, which may be part of the reason why hemorrhoids affect about 1 in 20 Americans at any given time. Hemorrhoids are known to cause itching, soreness, swelling, and general discomfort of the entire bottom area.

Not all hemorrhoid medications take effect straight away, so a sitz bath can serve as a comfort care backup tool that anyone can turn to. Try our Sitz Bath Soak today. Made with pure epsom salt and essential oils of geranium, frankincense, juniper, niaouli, and lavender, it is crafted to provide soothing comfort.

How Are Sitz Baths Taken?

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A sitz bath can be taken in one of two ways. First, a sitz bath apparatus can be attached to the back of the toilet, creating a small soaking basin sitting directly above the toilet bowl.

This method is mess-free, easy to clean up, and makes sitz baths accessible for anyone. Those who do have a traditional bathtub may choose to take a sitz bath this way.

A sitz bath basin can be taken on trips and used during travel. It can also be used in small apartments or tub-less homes. The tool is small enough that it can be stored discreetly in a closet or under a sink when not in use.

A sitz bath with epsom salt only requires a couple of inches of warm water drawn into the bathtub and 1 to 2 tablespoons of sitz sitz soak per gallon of water. You can then sit in the tub for around 20 minutes.

After you're done, just pat the skin dry and savor the feeling of rejuvenation and calmness that remains.

Sitz Soaks Are For Everyone

You don’t need to experience hemorrhoid discomfort or have a tired bottom to enjoy an epsom salt sitz bath. This relaxation ritual is for everyone, and taking your first sitz bath can be as simple as one pouch of sitz salt.

At Better Bath Better Body, we aim to make it accessible to everyone. Click here to order our Sitz Bath Soak today. It also comes in bundles of two, three, and four pouches.

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