How To Use Epsom Salt On Hair

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how to use epsom salt on hair

Perhaps you shampoo every day, but how clean is your hair really? Even the best shampoos often find it challenging to cut through buildup, especially in a way that is gentle for damaged or colored hair. Epsom salt on hair is a solution for better cleansing, a relaxing experience, and your best looking hair yet. 

Clean Hair Is Beautiful Hair 

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An epsom salt bath is well-known to cleanse and soothe the body, and epsom salt can do the same for the hair. Those who stick to a regular regimen of shampoo and conditioner may believe that they’re doing their best to cleanse the hair, but they could be leaving a whole lot behind. The health and beauty of your hair is directly related to the care of the scalp, but it can be challenging to determine the state of your scalp when it’s not the easiest part of the body to see. 

Scalp buildup accumulates over time, and it can be made up of dead skin cells as well as other materials. Some of the most common causes of scalp buildup are: 

  • Dead skin cells – Dead skin cells make up the most of scalp buildup, and this is where epsom salt really works. Skin cells are constantly dying and regenerating, leaving behind dead skin cells that sit on the surface of any part of the body. On the scalp, a typical shampoo and conditioner may only be able to remove so much, while an epsom salt treatment can work to get the stubborn stuff.
  • Sebum – Sebum is a natural oil that’s produced by glands within the skin. It helps to promote healthy skin moisture, but it can accumulate particularly on the scalp. If hair begins looking oily or greasy quickly, this could be a sign toward sebum buildup accumulation.

  • Product buildup – Hair products are often necessary in styling, but they can leave behind their mark on the hair. Styling creams, hairspray, mousse, pomades, and even shampoo and conditioner can leave behind buildup on the scalp that sticks around for the long-haul. Epsom salt can effectively work to eliminate product buildup from the scalp and strands of hair, leaving you with a refreshed blank slate. Product buildup can accumulate on the hair to leave it feeling weighted and lifeless while looking dull. 

Clean hair is refreshed hair, and clean hair starts at a clean scalp. Being able to eliminate buildup allows you to see the real texture, bounce, and life in your hair, giving you your very best hair days every day. 

How Is Epsom Salt Used On Hair? 

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Epsom salt on hair can be used with or without shampoo, but either way it’s a simple process that can be done in the shower or the bath. With shampoo, mix a pinch or two of your favorite epsom salt blend into a palm full of shampoo and use a finger to mix. Focusing on the scalp, rub the product in gentle circular motions focusing on the temples, the crown, and the back of the head toward the nape of the neck. Bring the product to the strands of the hair before rinsing clean, making sure all of the salt has been removed. Along with the salt, you’ll be rinsing away dead skin cells, sebum, and product buildup. 

Without shampoo, simply take a palm full of your favorite salt and massage into wet hair onto your scalp. Rinse clean, and you may carry this process out before a shampoo, after a shampoo, or without shampoo as you choose. While in the bath, mixing a bit of your salt into your wet hair is a great way to give yourself a full-body pampering ritual. 

Personal Or Professional Application 

Epsom salt can be an at-home pampering treatment for hair, or it can be part of the most luxurious salon experience. For professionals, cleansing the hair fully helps stylists to see the full potential that the hair has. It shows professionals just how hair will hold a style, how it naturally falls for the best cut, and if its healthy enough to take color or certain processes. Salon owners may choose to incorporate epsom salt scrubs for hair into shampoo services, or offer scrubs as a separate service to provide more of a spa-like experience. 

To send clients home with products that will keep their hair looking lustrous and beautiful, salon owners may even create their own epsom salt hair products to sell on shelves. For clients who love the spa hair service portion of their visit, they can pick up the product used in the salon to recreate it again and again at home. Pure USP grade epsom salt can be combined with hair-healthy oils, essential oils, cleansers, and other products to create salt-based products that cater to different hair types. Pure epsom salt features no additives, and offers a blank slate for creative stylists looking to market their own hair-care creations. 

The Bottom Line For Beautiful Hair 

When used around once or twice per week, epsom salt on hair is a simple pampering treatment that can benefit the beauty of any hair type. It adds little time to the shower, can be enjoyed while taking a bath, and the results are immediate and impressive. For at-home lovers of personal care, or professional stylists, it quickly becomes one of the most important products in one’s hair care toolkit. 

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