5 Ways We Abuse Our Feet

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Do you ever stop to really think about what we do to our poor feet day in and day out? If you are on your feet all day, you probably feel the aches and pains that come along with that. Here are 5 ways we abuse our feet and a few ways to rectify the situation and soothe sore and tired feet.

1. Walking Long Distances Without A Warm-Up

Did you know that walking without taking the time to properly warm up our feet can be disastrous? It is just one way of many that we abuse our feet without really thinking about what we are doing.

If you have high arches, tenderness in your heels or the bottom of your feet, or walk with the insides of your feet, you will find that walking without a warm-up can cause your feet and muscles to stiffen up and can quickly overwork them. When this happens, you are desperate for soothing relief. 

2. Standing For Hours At A Time

better bath better body epsom salts

When we stand for hours at a time, we put a ton of pressure on our feet. Standing in one place for a long time without much movement can be even worse, and the soreness can spread to other parts of our body. However, we can alleviate and soothe our feet with proper foot care, better posture, and a little self-care. 

3. Neglecting Foot Massages

If you are constantly on your feet, they take quite a beating. This is why foot massages and foot soaks can prove so beneficial. A good foot massage and soak can soothe achy muscles and joints and get a jumpstart on treating bunions and other foot problems you may be experiencing as you continue to overwork your feet.

4. No Special Care For The Feet

Many of us already have extensive routines for our facial care, so why don't we show the same effort and special care for our feet? After all, we work our feet out all day every day, and poor foot health can impede our performance. The feet are the foundation of our bodies, so keeping them healthy and happy is vital for our overall health and well-being. 

5. Wearing Ill Fitted Footwear

Not taking the time to make sure our footwear is the right fit can lead to sore and achy feet and calluses, blisters, and corns. Wearing too small footwear can lead to pain, and wearing too big footwear can lead to unwanted friction on the heels.

Your Feet Deserve Some TLC

Yes, pampering your feet is a definite must. And you don't have to break the bank at a spa to do so. You can take advantage of all the relaxing benefits of a good foot soak at home. Here are our top choices for the best foot soaks you can use at home to revitalize and re-energize your feet to walk another day. 

Circulation Foot - When you find yourself walking the day away with few breaks to rest your feet, you can feel the tension and stress begin to build up. Our Circulation foot soak can soothe tired feet. It is made with natural ginger, cypress, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils. You can soak your tired and restless feet while enjoying the warm scent of ginger and the relaxing scent of lavender essential oil.

Detox Foot - When you have piled on the stress during the day with each step you took and the tension builds up, a detox foot soak is a perfect opportunity to soothe the soles of your feet and let the aromatherapy benefits relax you. The Detox Foot soak is made with natural lemon, peppermint, lavender, and frankincense essential oils. It dissolves quickly in your foot bath, allowing you to take full advantage of its aromatherapy benefits.

Turmeric Bath Soak - While not an actual foot soak, our Turmeric bath soak is still a great choice when you have been on your feet all day and crave some relaxation at home. Our Turmeric bath salt has natural turmeric, cinnamon, Ylang Ylang, orange, and grapefruit essential oils that allow you to unwind, rejuvenate, and renew after a long day on your feet. If you are not familiar with turmeric, it has warming properties that many love and a spicy scent that will excite you.

When Using Epsom Salt, How Long Should I Soak?

better bath better body epsom salts

To take advantage of our foot soaks at home, simply fill a foot spa or tub with enough warm water to cover your feet up to the ankles.

If you are using a sitz bath for your soak, start with one tablespoon of Epsom salt per gallon of water and gradually increase that up to two tablespoons per gallon. If you choose to use a full-size bathtub for your soak, use about half a cup to one full cup of Epsom salt.

You can use our foot soaks in a foot soaking tub, full bath, or even in the shower. It is best to start with a small amount for your first use and then gradually increase the amount you use. Once your foot soak is ready to go, dip your feet in and let them soak for between 20 and 30 minutes. When done, dry your feet thoroughly and moisturize them. 

Give yourself a foot massage after your soak for added relief and relaxation. This kind of self-care allows you to clean and relax your feet at the same time, making sure you can check all the boxes when it comes to proper foot care.

If you are ready to enjoy a nice foot soak at home, consider using one of our foot soak options we mentioned above. Between our circulation and detox foot soaks, your feet will be well on their way to complete relaxation and ready to go another day.

Our bath salts are made with Mediterranean Sea salt and pure essential oils. We do not use any artificial fragrance. With these ingredients, we have created a blend that provides you with aromatherapy benefits and detoxifying benefits that will leave your feet happy and relaxed.

With each foot bath soak, you combat the five ways we abuse our feet.

better bath better body epsom salts

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