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What Exactly Is A Bath Bomb?

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what exactly is a bath bomb

Bath bombs are fun, they’re brightly colored, they smell good, and they can really make bath time interesting, but none of this answers the most common question about bath bombs, which is “what are they?” Bath bombs come in all different sizes, styles, scents, and varieties, and it’s actually quite easy to find a bath bomb that can suit your particular needs. Using bath bombs is easy, just drop them in your bath and reap the reward, but you’ll want to make sure you’re getting just the reward you’re looking for first.

A bath bomb is a hard and compact little ball with an almost crumbly texture, they are used by dropping them into the bath and watching the magic happen, as the water becomes infused with the ingredients of the bath bomb and the air becomes infused with its fragrance. All bath bombs are different, but the vast majority does use the same construction and method of use.

How Do Bath Bombs Work?

The magic and fun of bath bombs is watching them fizz and spread their goodness throughout the tub, and just how they work is really quite simple. If you’ve ever dropped an alka seltzer tablet into a glass of water, you’re essentially watching the same type of science used in a bath bomb, and it all starts with a little sodium bicarbonate. Bath bombs are made primarily from sodium bicarbonate, a harmless compound, with a variety of other ingredients added in, such as salts, oils, or even oatmeal blends. When the sodium bicarbonate bomb hits the water, it begins to dissolve in a great fizz, releasing the other ingredients trapped inside. While dissolving, the bath bomb also allows for a steady and even release of beneficial goodies, distributing them all throughout the water of your bath.

How Are Bath Bombs Beneficial?

Bath bombs are beneficial to your bath time in a variety of ways. First, the ingredients held within the bath bombs are often wonderful for the skin, as many use a variety of Epsom salts and oils as prime ingredients aside from sodium bicarbonate. Next, bath bombs can also have aroma therapeutic ingredients in their scent, as these are commonly fragranced by the essential oils held inside.

When using a high quality bath bomb, you’re getting a perfect dose of essential oils, Epsom salts, and other body beneficial ingredients all in one fun and convenient little ball.

What To Avoid In Bath Bombs

There are some things that you may want to avoid in bath bombs, and the novelty of them can lead some to edge on being more novelty type products. For instance, bath bombs with dark and dramatic color will typically use artificial dyes that can stain your skin and your tub, and glitter or shimmer, an often popular bath bomb additive, can cause far more trouble than you may be looking for, so opting for a more natural choice touting for body benefits is always something to strive for. Of course, that’s not to say that these bath bombs don’t hold body benefits as well, but they may give you some trouble when it comes to staying relaxed after cleaning up from your bath!

Bath bombs can be excellent bath accessories, and they can hold a really powerful pack of benefits in just one handy little bomb. From oils, to salts, to other skin conscious additives, you can reap a full body bath reward when you toss one of these fun balls into your next bath!

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