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How To Choose The Best Bath Bomb For You

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How To Choose The Best Bath Bomb For You

Bath bombs are an amazing way to take your bath time to the next level. But how do you know which bath bomb is right for you? With so many options out there, it is no wonder you may find it a bit difficult to choose. To help you out, we've come up with a list of questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a bath bomb to ensure the best experience possible.

Do You Have Allergies Or Sensitive Skin?

As you always should, check the ingredients before getting a bath bomb to ensure that you won't have an allergy reaction to it. Though allergic reactions from bath bombs are not common, it is better to be safe than sorry. However, if you have had allergic reactions to bath oils or bubble baths before, it is likely that you will have a negative reaction to bath bombs as well.

If you have sensitive skin, you may also want to be cautious when buying bath bombs. This doesn't mean you cannot use them at all. You just have to look for those specifically made for sensitive skin to avoid any side effects.

Are You Feeling Under The Weather?

Once the cold weather arrives, so does cold and flu season. Being sick makes relaxing nearly impossible, even when you're having a warm bath. Thankfully, there are bath bombs meant to make you feel better. If your nose is slightly stuffy, try using a bath bomb with eucalyptus oil. If you're experiencing some discomfort, go for a mint-scented bath bomb that will give you a refreshing feeling.

Are You Interested In Aromatherapy?

If you want to make your baths more therapeutic, bath bombs are perfect for you. They are infused with salts and essential oils to help you melt stress away. It is well known that smells alone can soothe your senses and allow you to relax and enjoy your baths. If you sense some tension in your body, use a lavender-scented bath bomb. If you're feeling blue, try a bath bomb with rose oil. Feel free to choose whatever scent you personally enjoy.

If you discover later on that the scent is too overpowering for you, try only use half of the bath bomb. This will reduce the scent to something light and more pleasant. Plus, by not consuming the whole product, you get twice the baths out of it. It's a win-win!

Do You Want To Have A Colorful Bathing Experience?

Some bath bombs come with beautiful dyes that can add some fun to your baths. Those types of dyes do not stick to the skin and are mainly for aesthetic appeal, but they can be used as a form of color therapy as well. For example, colors like violet and lavender tend to be quite relaxing, but red is energizing.

However, some of the more colorful bath bombs can sometimes stain your tub and towels. Luckily, if you clean your bathtub while it is still damp, the dye residue can easily be washed away with a sponge or brush.

The Best Essential Oils In Bath

Apart from bath bombs, Epsom salt products like our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak and Exotic Bath Soak are another way to improve your bath experience. Drop by our online store to place your orders today.

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