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Why You Should Have A Bath By Candlelight

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Why You Should Have A Bath By Candlelight

You've got the warm water started and perhaps you've thrown a bath bomb in there too. You just can't wait to hop in the tub and soak your problems away. You've earned some peace and relaxation.

So why not get the most out of your bath time by lighting some candles?

It may seem unnecessary or silly to light candles just to take a bath, but there is more to it than you think. Candles add so much more to your bath time experience. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should have a candlelit bath.

Comfortable Lighting

Typically, the bathroom has the same bright lighting as the rest of your home. Though bright lighting is great for some daily tasks, it isn't the best for bath time. The average bathroom lighting is simply too harsh for your eyes when your trying to relax. This can keep you from getting comfortable. Yet, turning off the lights completely may put you in total darkness.

However, candlelight is much more comfortable for the eyes. It gives you just enough light to see what you need to, but without being overwhelming. This gives you the perfect lighting to relax in peace.


For those who may not know, Aromatherapy is a type of therapy that uses scents and smells to change or improve your mood. It has been proven that certain smells can have a relaxing or energizing effect on the mind and body. For example, the scent of lavender is known to ease an anxious mind and melt away stress. Some smells can even bring us back to our most beloved memories. By paying attention to the scent of your candles, you can really add something extra to your bath time experience.

However, some may not find scented candles enjoyable. Though scent can be used to ease the stress of some, others may find them too overwhelming. This can really ruin the relaxing quality of bath time and in extreme cases may make you ill. Luckily, there is a solution! If you find smells too overwhelming, it isn't hard to find candles with little to no fragrance.

Setting The Mood

The mood of the bathroom can greatly effect your bath time experience. You don't want to just hop in some warm water. You want to find paradise in your bath tub! This is your time to have some well deserved relaxation and should make the most of it. An ability to set the right mood can get you relaxed before your even in the tub.

Candles are a wonderful way to set the mood. Unlike your bright bathroom light, candles can be calming, exotic, and even a bit romantic. Candles allows you to step out of your day to day life and go somewhere where your stress and anxiety doesn't exist. Some even find it very calming to sit and watch the flame flickering. It can bring you something to focus on to keep you from anxious or racing thoughts.

So what are you waiting for? Go make your next bath a candlelit one. You've earned it! For an even more luxurious experience, use any of Better Bath Better Body's products. It doesn't matter what Epsom salt bath frequency you prefer because you'll look and feel great after each soak. Visit our online store today to place your order.

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