The Wonders Of A Musical Bath

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The Wonders Of A Musical Bath

Music is a truly amazing gift. Whether you're creating your own or listening to someone else's piece, it has a strange and wonderful way of speaking to your soul. It is no wonder that we love to add music to many of our activities. From driving a car to doing household chores, music can make even the most mediocre tasks so much better.

Music During An Essential Oil Bath

A lot of people enjoy singing in the shower, but it doesn't have to end there. Music can improve the quality of your bath as well. Bathing is perfect for unwinding after a long day, especially if you use our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak. However, loosening up isn't always as easy as you'd like it to be. That's where music comes in. Here are a few common problems it can address:

Uncomfortable Silence

Though we all want some peace and quiet every once in awhile, silence can be uncomfortable when you're looking to relax. Although you want to get into a calm and meditative state, you end up noticing every bit of noise around you. No matter how cozy your bath may be, you can still find yourself too distracted by the floor creaking or the refrigerator buzzing.

By listening to music during bath time, you will no longer be bothered by either all the noises in your home or the heavy silence. Music gives you something to focus on while you relax and helps you get into "the zone."

A Distressed Mind

If external sounds aren't troubling you, your own thoughts probably are. While it is easy to mute the TV or put your phone on silent, it is not the same when you want to quiet your mind.

You might have the same problem when you're trying to sleep. Even if you succeed in feeling cozy in bed, before you know it, your mind is racing with worry and stress for the day ahead. This prevents you from getting sufficient rest you desperately need. And if you try to soothe your mind in the bathtub, you might find those same thoughts coming back.

With music, you can drown out your negative thoughts and concentrate on relaxing. Instead of thinking about all the things you need to do, you can appreciate your favorite songs and sing along if you want.

Awkward Mood

Not everyone has a big, beautiful bathroom to come back to. Though you may be happy with what you have, it may not set the mood for a tranquil experience. The right environment can completely change how you feel about your bathroom and your bath time.

There are many ways to achieve a relaxing ambience, from scented candles to therapeutic bath bombs. Of course, music is one of them. Depending on the song, you can better set the mood of your bath time to suit your needs. Find some calm, gentle music to unwind to, or perhaps opt for songs meant to energize and inspire you. Music allows you to fully personalize your bath time.

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