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The Wonders Of A Musical Bath

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The Wonders Of A Musical Bath

Music is one of the most beautiful parts of being human. Whether your creating your own or are listening to the music of another, it has a strange and wonderful way of speaking to your soul. That is why it is no wonder that we love to add music to many of our activities. From driving in the car to doing your chores, there are countless ways that music can add more to our experiences. Even experiences you may not be fond of like exercising or doing your chores.

Why let it stop there? Why not add music to your bathing experience as well?

It is well-known that many people like to sing in the shower, but why leave it at that? Music is a wonderful way to add more to the quality of your bath as well. Bathing is a great time to unwind after a long day. However, unwinding isn't as easy as you'd like it to be. That is where music comes to the rescue! Here are just a few common problems that music can cure.

Uncomfortable Silence

Though we all want some peace and quiet every once in awhile, silence can actually be rather uncomfortable to relax to. You want to get into that calm and meditative state, but you end up finding that every little noise getting in the way. No matter how cozy that bath may be, you can still find yourself too distracted with every squeak of the floor or buzz of the refrigerator.

By adding music to your bath time experience, you will no longer notice all the noises within your home or feel uncomfortable with silence. Music gives you something to focus on while you relax and can be one of the best ways to help you get into the “zone”.

An Anxious Mind

If the sounds of refrigerator buzz isn't getting in the way, than your own thoughts probably are. It is easy to mute a TV or to put your phone on silent. Sadly, it is not always so easy to silence your mind. You probably have the same problem when your trying to sleep. Your all cozy and sleepy in bed, but before you know it your mind is racing with worry and stress for the day ahead. Preventing you from getting the sleep you desperately need. Now you find yourself trying to ease the stress away in the bath tub, only to find those racing thoughts all coming back.

With music, you can down out the sound of your worry and bring your focus back to relaxing. Instead of thinking about all the things you need to do tomorrow, you can easily just listen to the music or even sing along if that makes you happy.

Awkward Mood

Not everyone has a fancy bathroom to come back to. Though you may be happy with it, it may not set the mood for a relaxing experience. Setting the right mood can completely change how you feel about your bath room and your bath time. There are many ways to accomplish a relaxing bath time mood from candlelight to therapeutic bath bombs.

Thanks to the sound of music, you can better set the mood of your bath time to suit your needs. You can find yourself some calm and relaxing music to get comfortable to or perhaps you would rather songs that you find energizing and inspiring. Music allows you to create a wonderful bath time experience that is personalized for you.

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