6 Salt Destinations Around the World

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There are many wonders in the world that people go out of their way to experience, and one of the most popular activities on everyone’s bucket list is a Mediterranean sea salt bath.

With salt baths becoming an ultimate relaxation trend (and for good reason), these six salt destinations are worth checking out.

6 Amazing Salt Destinations

1. Salin Aigues-Mortes - Located in Southern France, the Salin Aigues-Mortes salt lake is going to take your breath away with its pretty pink color. The pink comes from the algae in the water where concentrated salt rests.

What’s cool about this salt destination is that it is more than just a beautiful location for Instagram pictures and travel vlogs. This part of Southern France is actually known for premium quality salt for years!

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To make the tourist experience complete, Salin Aigues-Mortes is also home to equally pink flamingos. Don’t forget your cameras if you ever pass by this place.

2. Uyuni Salt Flat - If you want to know what heaven or paradise looks like, the salt flat in Bolivia might be the closest thing to it. The Uyuni Salt Flat lays open to the vast skies and reflects and the ground is made of crystalline salts that form interesting hexagons.

During the dry season, you can walk around and enjoy the landscape. However, when the wet season comes, it transforms into an enormous but shallow body of water that mirrors the sky.

No matter what time of the year, the Uyuni Salt Flat can truly be called a paradise.

3. Cardona Salt Mountain - After enjoying a seemingly endless landscape, the Cardona Salt Mountain in Spain displays a phenomenal contrast to the vast salt lakes. The salt mountain is formed and actually a product of the evaporated salts from the Mediterranean Sea, which happened millions of years ago.

Now, it stands proudly and continues to develop as the rainwater erodes it. Inside the mountain are salt formations that will leave you wondering how they are formed and what magic keeps them there.

4. Salinas Grandes - Ready to greet the sky again? Then the Salinas Grandes salt flat in Argentina should be on your travel bucket list. This salt destination is the third largest salt flat in the whole world and among its seven natural wonders!

It is impossible to see what lies on the other end with how it seems to go on and on with no finish line in sight. Besides its seemingly endless salt paradise, what makes Salinas Grandes truly unique is its salt lakes.

The mini pools of blue are a nice touch of contrast to the whiteness of the place.

5. San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds - We are very used to seeing light colors when looking at salt destinations. The salt ponds in San Francisco Bay area are about to change that.

From a bird’s eye view, the San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds look like enormous paintings with how colorful they appear. Instead of the usual pinks, whites, and blues, the ponds appear in vibrant tints of red, pink, orange, and green.

This beautiful phenomenon is caused by the microalgae in the ponds.

6. Namak Lake - The great Namak Lake is a memory left by the Paratethys sea after it dried up around the Pleistocene period. Now, it is a vast land that is rich in minerals and lithium deposits.

During the brief periods of the wet season, the lake becomes alive with shallow water. However, most of the time it appears dry and displays its crystallized salts.

Where To Find Mediterranean Bath Salts?

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Traveling around the world to have a taste of these exquisite salt baths is truly a wonderful experience, but you do not have to book a flight and leave the comfort of your home just to feel this luxury all the time.

Better Bath Better Body’s Lilliuma Mediterranean Sea Bath Soaks can bring the relaxing benefits of Mediterranean wea salts to your home, anytime. All you need is to go online and select from our available soaks.

After that, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea to come knocking at your doorstep. Getting a hold of your own high-quality bath salt is just that quick and easy.

They also come in various smells, thanks to pure essential oils for great aromatherapy. To get you started, here are some all-time favorites:

1. Lilliuma Relaxify Bath Salt - You are guaranteed to feel relaxed and rejuvenated with our Lilliuma Relaxify Bath Salt. It carries the smells of lavender, geranium, and chamomile essential oils that are great for calming down, especially after a hectic day. The Lilliuma Relaxify Bath Salt is a go-to fave.

2. Lilliuma Turmeric Bath Salt - If you need something bolder and grounding, try this bath soak with turmeric essential oils. Combined with lemon and frankincense pure essential oils, you will find yourself at peace and in touch with yourself as you unwind in the bath.

3. Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt - The Mediterranean sea salts can also be used for soothing sitz baths. Simply add this to your sitz bath with warm and clean water, and let it do its magic. It also has the calming aromatherapy of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense pure essential oils.

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