Get Back To Sleep With A Bath

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get back to sleep with a bath

Though your day may be filled with wonderful friends and family, there are few pleasures that can compare to getting into your comfy clothes, snuggling up in your blanket and catching some sleep. Sadly, sleeping isn't always as easy as we'd like it to be. After a busy day, giving ourselves a chance to unwind and relax seems nearly impossible. 


Taking A Bath For Better Sleep


Sometimes all you need to get back to sleep is a bath. Bathing gives you the alone time you need to properly end the day. The warm water eases the stress of the day so you can feel refreshed and relaxed in time for bed. Even the act of scrubbing off the daily dirt and grim can be calming.

However, you should avoid going to bed directly after a bath. The hot water can increase your circulation which can make it hard to fall asleep. Instead, you should wait an hour after a bath to go to sleep and spend this time relaxing and preparing for bed. For example, you can read a good book or lay out clothes for tomorrows outfit. 

If you really want to make your bath a relaxing and sleepy experience, here are a few things you can add to help you have a quicker and better quality of sleep.


 need to get back to sleep is a bath




Whether your using the essential oil or just a scented candle, lavender has a wonderful way of easing the mind and body. After a long day, it can be hard to let go of the day's anxiety and stress even when your soaking in the tub. This not only makes it hard to enjoy your bath time, but makes sleeping near impossible as well. However, the scent of lavender easily calms your mind and allows you to melt all your troubles away if only for a moment. 


Lavender comes in a variety of products making it easy for you to add it into your bathing experience. Add a drop or two of the essential oil into your bath water and you can bathe in it. Or you can find a bubble bath or bath bomb with the oil or scent mixed in. No matter what you choose, lavender is a




Chamomile has a soothing quality that can instantly put you in a place of relaxation. Like with lavender oil, you simply mix a drop or two of the oil into your bathwater before hopping in yourself. If you'd rather not put chamomile into your bathwater, it also makes for a very delicious and relaxing tea as well.


Dead Sea Salt


This type of bath salt comes from the Dead Sea and has its own relaxing quality. When your feeling stressed and tense, it's not just your mind that feels it. These anxieties can really take a toll on the body and can cause several physical side effects that could be keeping you up at night. Where lavender and chamomile are better at easing the mind, Dead Sea salt helps the calm the body by directly relaxing your muscles. 


Epsom salts, and a few other bath salts have a similar quality so feel free to change it up a little so you can find the perfect bath salt for you.

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